Galling! This is the year to go remote, and our 2021 Gear Guide has all the skis, boards, boots and bindings to get you there. Tele gear keeps getting heavier and heavier while AT keeps getting lighter and lighter. Ski Touring - Equipment - Alpine - Alpine Touring (randonnée)... A special alpine touring binding is used that allows the heel to be clipped down for more support when skiing downhill, and allows it to be released to ... Like telemark gear, this equipment is popular with people from an alpine skiing background unlike telemarking, it requires no learning of a challenging new … Chris Valiante and the binding builders at TwentyTwo Designs say no chance. Pierre, Right! Seb Mayer, a pro telemark skier from La Grave also tried the binding with the Crispi EVO boots and did not have that problem. Craig Dostie. I'm progressing, but I'm still very new. This is an exellent tutorial and helps me a great deal. Whether such a norm will be approved and adopted remains to be seen. It’s been a good binding to us. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. A Bit of History. Buy It Now. But there is more than weight to a telemark binding. Telemark is drifting dads beaten up truck on the backroads to your girlfriends house. Is telemark dying? BCM: And you’ll still be carrying parts for the Hammerhead, right? Touring. Elliot’s spirit animal is a mountain goat. Not the binding you want if you are an aggressive telemarker. We stock 75mm and NTN bindings from all the big brands including 22 Designs, Rottefella, Voile, The M-Equipment, and G3. Hello René Martin, I confirm that the weigth is 400 g per binding so 800g the pair. Helps a lot to improve even if you're an advanced tele-skier!! C $99.00. So getting my rythm back has been difficult, but watching these videos has helped re-set my brain. BCM: Tell me about the licensing agreement with Rottefella. Chris Valiante: It’s bittersweet. DIN setting 5.0 - 10.0. I hope you are well seated. Voile HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Telemark Binding. As a last ditch effort to save my Rotefellas I have embarked on development of a thin,durable fabric which goes between the ski and the tension plate underfoot, an effective semi elastic bellows which clears all snow when the heel comes up, tucks underfoot when the heel goes down. I start by finding Balance Point and mark it down on the ski … New NTN options from TwentyTwo may not be available for at least another year, but the Driggs, Idaho-based company was offering a sneak preview of their yet-to-be-named binder at last month’s Outdoor Retailer trade show. So, if these three things are engineered out of your NTN bindings, if compactable snow does not build up underfoot, if ski brakes are functional/reliable, if tour-mode is held at bay when I really don’t want it, I will buy your product. A new NTN and TTS telemark Binding made in France: The M Equipement, The new TTS from The-M-Equipment – Meidjo is almost there, Modern Telemark Ski Selection and Problems, The Telemark History Ep2: The Evolution of skis and Bindings. Ryan Boyer, 45, is one of the most athletic and accomplished telemark skiers on the planet. Come to our Telemark ski store to purchase everything you need for this season. The system's objective is to provide a free heel telemark ski binding featuring lateral release, increased lateral rigidity, tunable performance, and free-pivot touring functionality. Generally, telemark skiers use alpine skis with specially designed Nordic bindings that fix only the toe of the ski boot to the ski, creating the “free heel”. It was used at the time I bought it. The prototype was tried by my good friend Frank from, Frank was called by a guy he’d never hear of to meet in a parking lot to see his new telemark binding prototype. The TX Pro has soft bellows, so it doesn’t work well with TTS, better to use the Evo or Shiver Rando. That makes all the difference and makes ATK® products … He manage to borrow a pair of Scarpa TX pro (which he found too soft for the binding !) Thank you! salut Marco. You don’t have light weight boots and there is not a reliable releasable binding. A true, one piece TTS binding with Step in and Release capacities. View our resort skinning policies guide », It can be hard to keep up with the latest outerwear trends. The more advanced, yogic way of mounting telemark bindings When I get a new pair of skis, I always check for the manufacturer’s recommendation. Plus, 21 boots, 12 bindings and 28 pieces of apparel, all of [Read More…]. All of ’em work pretty good, but the one with the best record of reliable release without prerelease is the 7tm binding. What a surprise Frank had. One is a true step-in, has a true free pivot and has the adjustable activeness that people are used to with our bindings. Search in titles only Search in Backside Bar & Grill only. It looks just amazing. A true, one piece TTS binding with Step in and Release … The cause is a lifestyle, a life-affirming means of self-expression that most wouldn't dare try to comprehend. 75mm: This is the original telemark binding. BCM: So do you think NTN systems and tech systems are the future of what people will be telemarking on? It makes me actually want to take notes. Because mountain … [Read More...], © 2020 Backcountry Magazine I’m amazed at how different each binding feels in terms of it’s … Your telemark binding choice is important because it is the direct connection to the ski and helps you achieve the feel and flex that is individual to every telemark skier. 10 Considerations When Buying New Bindings 1. From United States. Telemark bindings are one of the main pieces of any freeheel skiers kit. From fit to functionality, puffies, baselayers and … [Read More...], Elliot Dale Mounting telemark bindings has become something that is discussed and debated ad doesn't need to be that way! Damn, in years. NTN (New Telemark Norm) In 2007, Rottefella introduced the New Telemark Norm binding. and of he went to La Meije to try the M Equipment prototype (see the original review here, use Google Translate if you don’t understand French). Is it possible to try it out ? Riser height: 1.0" or 25mm at rear, with a 2 degree ramp. On the down side, the binding was not a good match for the Scarpa TX pro, the boot was too soft. It is now in production and it will be launched on November 1st. I’ll stick with free heeling til the end, but I do lament that tele gear has not kept pace with AT. Thanks so much for the videos. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. … I think 75mm will be around for a long time. We plan on selling the Axl and Vice for a long time. Born from a genuine passion handed down from generation to generation, ATK BINDINGS® products have built their identity on excellence. 60 Main Street P.O. I went back to the ski shop for a few days, and the manager offered me a job. Because Google Translate has it’s limits here’s a summary. Can I modify my boots to fit these bindings with just a couple holes in the duck bills? CV: We will. Whether it’’s a Pin or a frame binding, whether it’s meant for recreation or competition – Marker bindings are always designed to perform. I have made sure the tab which actuates the tele mode is down, down as far as it can go flat. Why? Search. Unfortunately, nobody really gives a rat’s ass about telemark anymore. It features composite flex plates, adjustable preload and flex, and a lightweight yet durable design. This requires getting out of the binding to clear snow. Frank was impressed by the feeling, very close to the NTN, coupled with the touring capacities of a Tech binding. I just practised this and it made a big difference to my skiing plus my legs weren't nearly as tired. My telemarking has already improved significantly. Compacted snow build-up underfoot prevents a functional heel return. DIN setting 6.0 - 13.0. After mounting hundreds of telemark skis and experiencing good mounts and wacky mounts I am sharing with you all that I have learned. He describes the binding as a very good prototype, very close to the final version. In the end, both Telemark skiers  loved the binding. 2 to 3 problems vex me. or Best Offer. Telemarking is named after the place it originated – Telemark… I hope you are well seated. It ain’t going to happen. Outdoor Gear Exchange has specialized in Telemark Skiing since our founding in 1995. The toe pieces hold the boot with a 75mm wide extension. Success! Pre-Owned. As the name suggests, alpine touring bindings are for skiing downhill in alpine mode with the heel locked, unlike telemark bindings where the heel is always free. Variety of Designs. Telemark turns use a bent knee in a lunging motion to engage the ski in a powerful arc. I imagine BD and others will quit making telemark bindings and boots within the next several years. Bozeman, Mt. It is too bad but the facts speak for themselves. Dedication, innovation and extreme attention to every detail make our bindings a sublime expression of the italian manufacturing art. Telemark skiing won’t disappear simply because the tele turn in deep pow is the most incredible sensation of floating through snow. A new NTN and TTS telemark Binding made in France: The M Equipement Rene-Martin April 20, 2014 5 Comments. The amount of power you need to make your boot/binding/ski system perform correctly on several … I’ve had my heels free since 1974, so I’ve been through the whole evolution. This video is like one of the fun lectures in college. Damn, in years. I imagine BD and others will quit making telemark bindings and boots within the next several years. There’s another binding that we’re working on with a tech-fitting toe for a true Dynafit-style tour mode. The M Equipment official provider and inventor of the Meidjo telemark bindings. This is no guarantee that tour mode will be avoided at all costs. Tele Binding - Twenty Two Designs Vice, New Telemark Binding - Small. We want to have the best bindings for both systems, so that’s the direction we’re heading. I have found myself skiing the toe piece straight up like in Silverettas of yore. Is telemarking dead? •. With the introduction of new telemark tech binding systems in the past couple of years, telemark skiers now have three options to consider when purchasing bindings: the traditional 75 mm bindings, the newer NTN (New Telemark Norm) bindings, or the latest 2-pin tech bindings. Thanks for your effort to maintain inquiry into product designs. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing it for 10 years now, but we felt like it was time to move on with the Axl and the Vice. Thanks Rene! There’s a move afoot to develop a new “norm” for telemark boots, a Telemark Tech Norm (TTN), to account for the presence of tech inserts in NTN boots. Sale Regular price $410.95 Shipping calculated at checkout. Can’t imagine what it is like to lock those heels down again. Telemark is centainly not dead, but no one is buying new gear. Telemark bindings are designed for the soul-turner, that smooth operator who 'takes a knee' for the cause. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 802.644.6606, Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean – Season 2, Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean – Season 1, 2017 Apparel Guide: Timeless and Trending Gloves. You don’t have light weight boots and there is not a reliable releasable binding. But if you're one of the rare breeds, and seek to explore the depth and breadth of telemark, then read ... New. Nothing like it. I'm falling in love with telemark for the 3rd time (at least): I'm sure that's the key for a fun, everlasting relation :) I really enjoy the opportunity to work on my tecnique, explore new sensations and why not improve the esthetics of the gesture. The Fey Brothers- Telemark Skis and Service Since 1999* This was my first telemark binding, and I used it for about half a season, probably 50 days. The step-in, releasable, to-be-named NTN. It is too bad but the facts speak for themselves. “Light is right.” So, that’s my only gripe. Recent Telemark Binding Reviews G3 Targa. This is the most exiting news I’ve seen this year. If the commercial version can deliver, my prediction is that this is most probably the Editor’s choice of next year in many reviews. This is always my #1 choice. 603.533.5589 extra 10% off pkgs! [Photo] Tyler Cohen. Excellent video! A prototype is starting to hit the French Alps, The M Equipment ( as just release this prototype. That’s why they recently announced a licensing agreement with Rottefella in order to build their own NTN bindings. We’ve got a couple different NTN designs in the line that we’re working on. A new NTN and TTS telemark Binding made in France: The M Equipement Rene-Martin April 20, 2014 telemark gear, Telemark skiing 5 Comments. Browse our line & start shopping for your bindings today! Bindings. Boyer: I think it’s dead. If I had to describe a perfect Telemark binding, the M equipment would be pretty close, . Quantity. CV: Fall 2015 is the plan. Voile Telemark Release Ski Kit with 3 Pin Cross Country Bindings and Universal . Please try again. CV: Yea. And as you will discover, the best Telemark Ski Bindings are not always the ones at the highest prices! One good fall with release would be devastating with a run-away ski (I now leash the ski). They get frozen in the “up” position. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks Pierre, I’ll make the correction, Good job! The touring binding range for all challenges. On the market, you will find an incalculable number of models, all at different prices. It is as if everyone is waiting for an epiphany. Modern plastic boots and cable bindings are stiffer and require more effort to flex the boot. Built with machined aluminum parts, an easy-to-switch ski/walk mode, and lightweight springs with plenty of travel, it’s the new standard in light touring for telemark bindings. ISPO GOLD Award EDITORS’ Choice BACKCOUNTRY … Absolute Telemark 2021 - We like to teach how to telemark and share our telemark gear reviews. Looks like a phantastic solution. Shop the best selection of telemark bindings at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection. I love the instant feedback the tele setup provides. Jeffersonville, VT 05464 Also, I am not clear about the comment about Scarpa TX Pro not working well on the binding. Even when I have to norpine turn, the tele bindings feel so much more connected to the skiing. that make more sense. The Voile HD Binding is made of aluminum and is a 75mm telemark system. I still get tired legs after a few runs - I assume this is most likely because I am just starting out again and "old" muscle groups are being used again after 5 years. Or will I need to buy a new pair of boots? It’s an Hybrid of the NTN system and the Tech system used in TTS. There are three varieties of releasable telemark bindings currently; the 7tm system, Voile’s Complete Releasable Binding (CRB), and Rottefella’s New Telemark Norm (NTN). CV: Yea. New (Other) C $511.04. There was an error submitting your subscription. Ten years ago, the binding we originally bought from Russell Rainey was the Hammerhead. Really vex me. Check our blog for more info, Pierre promised to give us so scoops in the next fews weeks, in the meanwhile check out the m-equipment website for this. In telemark bindings, there are two different norms: NTN, standing for “New Telemark Norm” and 75mm. Whether you’re looking for your first backcountry setup or just updating those well-loved planks, we’ve got unbiased and in-depth reviews of 51 skis and 29 splitboards that will take you where you want to go, wherever that may be. from Fraser, Colorado • New condition • 30 day returns - Buyer pays return shipping; Size Small for Mondo 25.5 and under, Large for 26 and up. This is the most exiting news I’ve seen this year. Period. Teles rule. KINGPIN 13 2 variants KINGPIN 13 (75-100 mm) KINGPIN 13 (100-125 mm) New. He also offered to let me work off a new set of skis and bindings. 6’0", 170 lbs. They’re great bindings, but the NTN offers additional features that you really can’t get with a 75mm binding like step-in, like releasability and like a tech-fitting-style tour binding. There is a new version of Meidjo coming for next year – version 3.0. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Damn, in years. Add to Cart The Outlaw X is an updated NTN binding, now with easier step-in … When ski manufacturers give you a mount recommendation, use it! Thank you for putting this together.Â. Very good video!! Pierre Mouyade, engineer, and telemark skier had the next big thing to show. Telemark bindings vary hugely, from cables wrapping around the foot, to heavy elastic running under the foot, to metal toe boxes attached to the fore-foot, to differing flex patterns and pivot points. Conformity to the binding is a bitch unless you screw the binding over the fabric, thus pinning it to the ski. You all are kidding, right? he noted the attention to details on the prototype, he liked the step-in, the 6 holes mounting pattern and the great touring efficiency of the Tech toe piece. 1/4 ounce. 3rd: Several times the Freeride has jumped into tour mode after strong boot bellows flex. But I also lay down the ski on the bench, and take all the measurements I can. 1st: Skiing Washington snow is different from Wyoming powder. I have the Rotefella Freeride NTN. I’m recycling boots from 2007—the new boots are kind of based on AT boots and it just doesn’t work. FirstTrack telemark bindings are designed: To accompany progressively the natural movement of the telemark turn both in flexion and release, without blinside; To keep the skier's heel perfectly in line without this affecting the compression and release movement of the spring; this to guarantee a feeling of … Box 190 Outlaw - New Telemark Norm - Small - NTN/Tele Binding NEW. New Low-Tech Toe The most noticeable change to Meidjo … $199.95 Free Shipping. Chris Valiante with his NTN prototype binding. He couldn’t wait to try them on. Telemark is centainly not dead, but no one is buying new gear. Been telemark/backcountry skiing in NW Michigan for 35 years(yeah, started with Asnes no edge skinny skis), and my equipment is light, fast and turny. Large: 3.15 lbs / 1430g; Small: … The basic functionality of the binding remains the same but the low-tech toe has been improved and the plastic parts for future generations will use more sustainable, eco-friendly material. Still, there is no way that a heels down turn in powder can ever come close to a nice tele turn. Discover now our comparison of the best Telemark Ski Bindings. Binding Technologies All alpine touring bindings use one of two basic designs, called plate bindings or insert bindings. The flexible leather boots and 3-pin bindings of the original 75 mm design offered very little resistence to the heel lifting off the boot, but also comparatively little control. I did my first telemarkskiing "test" 4 weeks ago and it took me in right away! NEW 22 Designs Outlaw X NTN Telemark Bindings w/o Brake | Free-Pivot Backcountry. This always happens at the crux of a powerful turn where there can be no accidental deviation from the arc. G3 developes a superb range of telemark & AT bindings & accessories built for the backcountry skier. With the different bindings in mind, here is a rundown of the 10 best cheap telemark bindings currently available: 1. Coming back after a season ending injury last January (fractured distal tibia) even walking down stairs hasn't felt natural. We will try to get in touch with Pierre for more details so stay tuned…, We reached Pierre again and good news for all those of us who are waiting for the commercial version, the Meidjo. There’s a lot of Hammerheads out there, and we want to keep parts in stock for at least a few years to support those folks who are skiing the binding. Telemark bindings will likely always have a few bugs in the system, big deal. CV: We just signed a licensing agreement that we’re pretty excited about. Alpine skiing is driving your subaru outback to a job interview. Rottefella Super Telemark Cross-Country Nordic Bindings for 12-20mm Sole, Black, 75mm The telemark binding: NTN vs. 75mm. Advanced Search From this it also tweaks the binding with a levering action, thus prying the binding off the ski. This is the most exiting news I’ve seen this year. During the telemark turn the rear foot lifts off the ski. In the end, that's why we all ski tele, don't we? Was a good binding to learn on, if only because it was hard to ski! A telemarker since 1988, he is still at it. 2nd: The accumulation of snow underfoot also has frozen my ski brakes into de-activation, thus rendering braking as a theory only. We’ve compiled a database of U.S. resorts with a little about each individual policy—where and when skinning is allowed, whether or not it’s free during operating hours and the link directly to the resort’s guidelines. The new standard in free-pivot telemark. [Photo] Tyler Cohen. BCM: And having more options available to the NTN skier can’t hurt either.