The Saxon elector gained some additions of territory and promised to assist Ferdinand to recover any lands which had been taken from him by the Swedes, or by other foes. chaste tree is becoming popular in Europe with women to assist with endocrine system imbalances. of Spain, who ardently desired the success of an enterprise "so Christian, just and advantageous to the holy Catholic faith," 1 promised to assist with an expedition directly the assassination of the queen was effected. (considerable, great, a lot of, valuable) " The city received emergency assistance after the earthquake. 2. Gas has the disadvantage that in case of a collision its inflammability may assist ally fire that may be started. At 3.15 P.M., when the battle was in full swing, Napoleon wrote in duplicate to Ney, saying, "The fate of France is in your hands," and ordering the marshal to master Quatre Bras and move eastwards to assist at Ligny. After passing through a course of instruction at the Royal Engineers' establishment, Chatham, he was promoted lieutenant in 1854, and was sent to Pembroke dock to assist in the construction of the fortifications then being erected for the defence of Milford Haven. In 1763 he was named lieutenant-general in the navy, and in 1777 viceadmiral; and in 1778 he obtained the command of a fleet intended to assist the United States against Great Britain. USE AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL: Findings determined how MEDA could assist clients in becoming more involved with increasing repayments. assist with the running of the School Office. 2. Where the strata are not uniformly porous, they may resist the passage of water from the direction of the sea or they may assist it; and round the whole coast of England, in the Magnesian limestone to the northeast, in the Chalk and Greensand to the east and south, and in the New Red Sandstone to the west, the number of wells which have been abandoned as sources of potable supply, owing to the percolation of sea water, is very great. … When, however, in 1816 he was called upon to assist in the suppression of the Pindaris, though by the treaty of Gwalior (1817) he promised his co-operation, his conduct was so equivocal that in 1818 he was forced to sign a fresh treaty by which he ceded Ajmere and other lands. By this treaty it was stipulated that the king was to receive the cousin of Nasir Khan in marriage; and that the khan was to pay no tribute, but only, when called upon, to furnish troops to assist the armies, for which he was to receive an allowance in cash equal to half their pay. The discrepancy between the fees paid by patients and the salaries received by nurses, especially in London, has occasionally excited unfavourable comment, but it is to be remembered that the nurses are maintained when out of work or ill, and have other advantages; many institutions either provide pensions or assist the members of their staff to join the Royal National Pension Fund. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. These rods assist in taking the weight, and the whole network binds the concrete together and prevents it from FIG. The Lydian king, finding that Nineveh was helpless to assist him, turned instead to Egypt and furnished the mercenaries with whose help Psammetichus drove the Assyrians out of the country and suppressed his brother satraps. Assistance is intentionally directed towards helping another person in her needs, towards being useful to others. There are therefore in most prescriptions (i) a basis or chief ingredient intended to cure (curare), (2) an adjuvant to assist its action and make it cure quickly (cito), (3) a corrective to prevent or lessen any undesirable effect (tuto), and (4) a vehicle or excipient to make it suitable for administration and pleasant to the patient (jucunde). His father, a fisherman, took the boy when he was ten years of age to assist him in his calling; but the lad's eagerness for knowledge was unbounded. This booklet has been developed to assist producers tackle the challenges of lifetime production from replacement gilts. The Southern states had greatly enlarged representation in Congress on account of their slaves, and the national government was constitutionally bound to assist in the capture of fugitive slaves, and to suppress every attempt on their part to gain their freedom by force. The project is establishing a generic framework within which enterprise tools can be used to assist users in their tasks. The deacons superintend the financial affairs of the church, co-operate with the minister in the various branches of his work, assist in the visitation of the sick, attend to the church property and generally supervise the activities of the church. According to rules of grammar, sentence structure can sometimes be quite complicated. empowered to co-opt one or two bookkeepers to assist her. In 1850 he was directed by the government to assist in the organization of the German Industrial Exhibition of Leipzig (the first of its kind). "I'll take her in the other room," she said, shaking her head when Alex started to assist her. Sanders, however, found his opportunity in the following year, when a force of Spaniards and Italians was despatched to Smerwick to assist James Fitzmaurice and his Geraldines in stirring up an Irish rebellion. This guideline will assist individual departments in the development and formulation of their own local protocols. His active life, however, was mainly spent in Ireland, whither he took some troops to assist Oliver early in 1650, and he was one of the Irish representatives in the Little, or Nominated, Parliament of 1653. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " They received considerable assistance from their parents. would assist him in recovering his father's kingdom; but a coalition formed for this purpose was ineffectual, and a rising led by his ally Rothgaud, duke of Friuli, was easily crushed by Charles in 776. To assist the executive a small committee (Kreisausschuss, Distriktsausschuss, &c.) is elected subject to official approval. Menu. The president gradually drew to him some members of the better conservative class to assist in his administration, and felt confident that he had the support of public opinion. The ideas are not linked, making the writing disjointed and somewhat boring to read. Tuscany and Naples had both joined the Italian league; a Tuscan army started for Lombardy on the 3oth of April, and 17,000 Neapolitans commanded by Pepe (who had returned after 28 years of exile) went to assist Durando in intercepting the Austrian reinforce1irnts under Nugent. antiquityination with the Customs laws, it will assist in prohibiting the import of stolen antiquities. This is important to add interestto your writing, assist readability and to show relationships between ideas. The two simple sentences are joined by a comma (,) followed by one of seven words called coordinating conjunctions. Great Britain had throughout the war preserved strict neutrality, but, while making it clear from the outset that she could not assist Turkey, had been prepared for emergencies. Gifts to assist clergy to retire are good charitable purposes for the advancement of religion. This was the first time that a colonist had been called upon to assist in the settlement of international disputes. He was praetor in 74 B.C., and received an extraordinary command (similar to that bestowed upon Pompey by the Gabinian law) to clear the sea of pirates, and thereby assist the operations against Mithradates VI. In 1774 the nawab concluded with the government of Calcutta a treaty of alliance, and he now called upon the British, in accordance with its terms, to supply a brigade to assist him in enforcing his claims against the Rohillas. In addition to the hospital of Jerusalem, numerous others were under its charge in Acre, Cyprus, Rhodes, Malta, &c. Associations were formed to assist pilgrims bound for the East; one being the Confrerie des pelerins de Terre-Sainte in Paris, founded in 1325 by Louis de Bourbon, count of Clermont (afterwards first duke of Bourbon). Numerous fibroblasts, together with polyblasts, are visible in the fibrin mass, and the vessels at the periphery of the damaged zone are now seen to be sending out offshoots which assist in the process of absorption. In one version of the story of her birth she is said to have been born a day before Apollo, in order to assist Leto at his birth; women in childbirth invoked her aid, and after delivery offered up their clothes or a lock of hair. It is worthy of notice that this intercourse with Cromwell occurred when Baxter was summoned to London to assist in settling "the fundamentals of religion," and made the memorable declaration, in answer to the objection that what he had proposed as fundamental "might be subscribed by a Papist or Socinian," - "So much the better, and so much the fitter it is to be the matter of concord.". Using transition words helps you resist the habit of using a simple subject-verb sentence structure. For albeit the other studies assist literature, yet this has the sole privilege of making one lettered. It was not, however, till the 14th of April 1672 that Sweden, by the treaty of Stockholm, became a regular "mercenarius Galliae," pledging herself, in return for 400,000 ecus per annum in peace and 600,000 in war time, to attack with 16,000 men those German princes who might be disposed to assist Holland. 6. The foreign deputies were invited to attend, only to assist by their advice in the settlement of a controversy which concerned the Netherland church alone, and which the Netherland church alone could decide. Assist with the clean up of the beach by removing inter tidal flotsam. President Kruger took no notice of this remonstrance, and an appeal was made to the imperial government; whereupon the latter entered into an agreement with the Cape government, to the effect that if the Cape would bear half the cost of any expedition which should be necessary, assist with troops, and give full use of the Cape railway for military purposes if required, a protest should be sent to President Kruger on the subject. Kosciuszko was appointed dictator, and a supreme council was established to assist him. The modern methods of oil testing rest chiefly on so-called "quantitative" reactions, a number of characteristic "values" being determined which, being based on the special nature of the fatty acids contained in each individual oil or fat, assist in identifying them and also in revealing adulteration. Napoleon induced the king of Spain to allow French troops to occupy the country and to send the flower of the Spanish forces (15,000) under the marquis of Romana 1 to assist the French on the Baltic. Olbers was deputed by his fellow-citizens to assist at the baptism of the king of Rome on the 9th of June 1811, and he was a member of the corps legislatif in Paris 1812-1813. She is a medical practitioner and she told me that she still uses small accumulators with her patients to assist the healing of wounds. of Aquitaine, Louiss own domains had been increased by the greater part of the country between the Loire and the Pyrenees; while his fathers minister, the monk Suger, continued to assist him with his moderation and prudence. At the outbreak of the French Revolution, he was stationed at Valenciennes, where he contrived for a time to keep order, and facilitated the escape of the French emigres by way of Namur; but, in 1790, he hastened back to Paris to assist the king. Another word for assist. But the head of Vandamme's corps had by this time crossed the river, and the emperor ordered it to assist Grouchy. Halleck (at the Washington headquarters) began by withdrawing McClellan from the James to assist Pope in central Virginia; Lee, thus released from any fear for the safety of Richmond, turned swiftly upon Pope. In 1889, the very year following President Brand's death, he was able to make a treaty with President Reitz, his successor, which bound each of the Boer republics to assist the other in case its independence was menaced, unless the quarrel could be shown to be an unjust one on the part of the state so menaced. The first settlers came from the New Haven Colony in 1640; but the Dutch, on account of the exploration of Long Island Sound by Adrian Blok in 1614, laid claim to Greenwich, and as New Haven did nothing to assist the settlers, they consented to union with New Netherland in 1642. Transitions link your ideas more effectively and create more nuanced meaning. It was regarded as a universal duty to afford protection to one's kinsmen, to assist them in the redress of wrongs and to exact vengeance or compensation in case of death. Short example: She walks. Paraphrasing has become an indispensable part of any writing process. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. King James had adopted the dangerous policy of remodelling the Irish army so as to turn it from a Protestant to a Roman Catholic force, and Sarsfield, whose family adhered to the church of Rome, was selected to assist in this reorganization. Joan went into Normandy to assist the duke of Alencon, but in December returned to the court, and on the 29th she and her family were ennobled with the surname of du Lis. A balloon meant to her some other arrival from the surface of the earth, and she hoped it would be some one able to assist her and Zeb out of their difficulties. Justify your answer. The sentence should sound totally natural, and you should be able to imagine a situation in which it would be used. Some soiled bedding can be added to the box to assist with this. Neiitrals have a right to carry on their ordinary business unmolested in so far as they do nothing to assist either belligerent. A statement of assistance is tendered for the sole purpose of s 23. We rely on an online rewording tool to help with the task. She provided the requested information, explained that she was going to assist him and then put the telephone on the floor, still open. The carbon compounds of the latter are of no direct nutritive value to the succeeding crop, but the decaying vegetable tissues very greatly assist in retaining moisture in light sandy soils, and in clay soils also have a beneficial effect in rendering them more open and allowing of better drainage of superfluous water and good circulation of fresh air within them. Cesare then returned to Rome, where his father wished him to assist Giuffre in reducing the last Orsini strongholds; this for some reason he was unwilling to do, much to Alexander's annoyance, but he eventually marched out, captured Ceri and made peace with Giulio Orsini, who surrendered Bracciano. 1 The other forces which assist in elevating the wings are - (a) the elevator muscles of the wings, (b) the elastic properties of the wings, and (c) the reaction of the compressed air on the under surfaces of the wings. Convex glass lenses were first generally used to assist ordinary vision as " spectacles "; and not only were spectacle-makers the first to produce glass magnifiers (or simple microscopes), but by them also the telescope and the compound microscope were first invented. A sentence is the basic unit of language which expresses a complete thought.It does this by following the grammatical basic rules of syntax.For example:"Ali is walking". beneficiaryons Advisory Service (OPAS) is available to assist members and beneficiaries in connection with difficulties which they have failed to resolve. To further assist agriculture a land bank was established by the government in"1907 and an agricultural college in 1910. It was also agreed to allow the Arminian deputies to take part in the deliberations, only on condition that they forbore to consult with, or in any way assist, their cited brethren, but this they refused. There should be just enough information to clearly present the word's use, without additional material that may confuse English learn… Do you want me to assist you over the edge? created him archbishop of Peking, and despatched seven bishops to consecrate and assist him; three only of these arrived (1308). At the Berlin Congress the Servian plenipotentiary, Jovan Ristich, in vain appealed to the Russian representatives to assist Servia to obtain better terms. The money would assist in taking care of her schooling. From 1784 to 1789 Jefferson was in France, first under an appointment to assist Benjamin Franklin and John Adams in negotiating treaties of commerce with European states, and then as Franklin's successor (1785-1789) as minister to France. Employing standard schemes will also assist in the provision of browsing structures for subject-based information gateways [18] . Find more ways to say assist, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. devised to assist new wheelchair users learn how best to cope with their new means of locomotion. The Danish treasury receives nothing from these possessions; on the contrary, Iceland receives an annual grant, and the West Indian islands have been heavily subsidized by the Danish finances to assist the sugar industry. It was at length decided that the title should be taken from Prussia rather than from Brandenburg as the former country lay outside the Empire, and in return Frederick promised to assist Leopold with 8000 men. Bismarck, now that the choice was forced upon him, determined in favor of Austria, and during a visit to Vienna in October, arranged with Count Andrssy an alliance by which in the event of either being attacked by Russia the other was to assist; if either was attacked by any power other than Russia, the other was to preserve benevolent neutrality unless the attacking power was helped by Russia. After the bloody battle of Buda he concluded a three days' truce with the Hungarians to enable him to assist Prince Windischgratz to reduce Vienna, and subsequently fought against the Magyars at Schwechat. British troops were landed to assist in the siege; few lives were lost in actual combat, nevertheless famine and sickness killed thousands of the inhabitants, and finally forced the French to surrender to the allies. There he had scarcely a week's rest when the khedive summoned him to Cairo to assist in settling the financial affairs of Egypt.