One of the many Hematite uses is clearing your mind of cluttered thoughts and aiding in the release of negative energies from the spirit. Yet this, among others, is just one of the problems Hematite can help you to solve. Hematite has a long history of use as a pigment. Hematite can be useful for helping with all aspects of stabilization. And likewise, when your mind is so critical and cutting in incisive thinking that you forget the feelings involved, Hematite will guide you home. Its healing energies will promote peace and balance in any relationship. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $1.05 shipping. Hematite Stones Hematite Stone Properties. This can be deducted from its color at the first place, but also from the general characteristics that put it within the group of crystals and gemstones that … The Meaning Behind Hematite Stone With Benefits And Healing Powers Explained, Keeps All Body Cells Functioning Maximally, 8 Best Healing Crystal Bracelets To Buy In 2020, Balancing Hematite Agate Protection Bracelets Set, balancing hematite agate protection stone bracelets. This calming effect helps keep your emotions in check and keep anxiety away. Hematite Stone Guide - This article explores the topic of the Hematite stone. Because of its powerful properties, hematite is excellent for protecting you against the different energies and waves that are constantly bombarding you. Aries too, can benefit greatly from Hematite. It is also a surprisingly wonderful stone for relationships since its ability to ground you in logic and practicality will prevent the flights of fancy that cause problems in some relationships! Rather than going out looking for wrongs to right or sticking your nose into other peoples’ affairs. It takes what you show on the outside and what is true on the inside and brings them into balance. Hematite Meaning for Grounding and Balancing; Like most of the obsidian crystals, the hematite stone also carries a metaphysical power used for grounding. The best way to enjoy this nerve-calming benefit of hematite is to keep it under your pillow while you sleep. If you or a loved one are suffering from nightmares, place Hematite under your (or their) bed or pillow. Hematite Benefits Nowadays, the stone carries a more spiritual or emotional meaning. Mental– Since hematite is known for balancing the body, it’s known for helping with creativity, logic, lowering negativity, and boosting self esteem. It has healing powers that come from its protective, calming, and grounding properties. Make sure to carry some Hematite with you when going to a job interview, a meeting with your boss, or a promotion or tenure appeal. Many people living in cities feel that the ‘vibrations’ of the city disturb their home, making them feel nervous and stressed. The earth and fire stone with its reddish brown and silver hues is a good match for their fire spirit, and while they don’t need any help on the courage front, they can benefit from a good old dose of yin energy to bring them out of the pushy yang flow and into better-balanced harmony. Let’s begin by exploring the history and nature of hematite gemstone to help you understand how it can take care of so many health conditions and ailments all at once. From China. If social anxiety is a big reason behind why you don’t feel you’re leading the successful life you deserve, spending time meditating with Hematite can do wonders for opening you up to your inner conviction and giving you the strength you need to push through. Red Hematite In Quartz And you can replace them with positive, healthy energies! It’s a more discreet but no less powerful way to enjoy the energies of this stone, primarily if you work at a place that doesn’t allow wearing larger pieces of jewelry. We offer natural hematite bracelets and hematite palm stones in various sizes. However you choose to add Hematite to your accessories and jewelry, you can guarantee that your life will feel the energizing and soothing effects of this protective and powerful stone. As you see, just the observation of crystals alone can be enough to shed light and wisdom about the world we live in. From changing your aura color to attracting wisdom and good fortune towards you, hematite rings can do a lot for you. That is why it’s ideal for those who wish to heal through confronting their past, slowly and gently. The more focused and balanced your thoughts are, the higher your communication skills and self-esteem. For example, you might find from time to time that you cave into your partner’s demands despite a small voice of intuition saying that you should try things your way. Hematite ring is made with a hematite solitaire or multiple hematite stones set in a ring. This integration is a good model and support for balancing and unifying seeming opposites or opposing forces to create a stronger, more cohesive whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Or any other gemstone for that matter. Hematite stones have been in use for centuries owing to their numerous properties. Before anything else, hematite is a grounding stone. Hematite stone benefits can range from physical to emotional health benefits, which explains why some psychics believe it is one wonder gemstone you must always have around you in order to enjoy better health conditions and live a happier life. Hematite belongs to the planet of Mars, the god of war, the god of the battlefield. The name hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood αἷμα (haima), due to the red coloration found in some varieties of hematite. We will look at the various meanings attached to Hematite as well as looking at how you can cleanse your Root Chakra with this mystical stone. From shop NewMoonBeginnings. Similarly, we often encounter unexpected challenges in love, or when trying to enjoy smooth family relationships. Just like Amethyst, Hematite’s energy is earthy. New Listing 2" SMALL NATURAL ROUGH SPECULAR HEMATITE STONE MINERAL MICHIGAN USA ~ 37.5grams. This stone is associated with the root chakra, and can promote grounding, protection, strength, and clarity of thought. That could be the actions and unkind words of others, or us falling afoul of our own ways and sabotaging ourselves. When putting it on, think of yourself like a knight in a movie putting on his armor before going into battle. ), you will see that on the inside hematite has a deep blood red color. But the appearance of Hematite is not really metallic gray. Appreciating what you have in the here and now is one of the single healthiest things you can do for your mind and spirit. Another important feature of hematite that cannot be neglected is the fact that it is an iron based stone. Hematite stone heals almost every blood-related disease. Like pulling out weeds that were a part of your current belief system that the conscious mind is not aware of. While all crystals have powerful grounding effects, the Hematite crystal properties are a gem when it comes to clearing and activating the root chakra, the energy center that … Hematite grounds and protects us. Before you know it, things have gone awry. Hematite is without any doubt a grounding stone and stone of protection. This level of awareness on a conscious level is actually your hidden power. Hematite is a stone of polarities, containing both deep darkness and a shimmery metallic light. Another important feature of hematite that cannot be neglected is the fact that it is an iron based stone. Through awareness as observers of our thoughts, and as observers of the outer world, we can ascend much faster on our souls’ journey into higher levels of awareness. Hematite was an extremely popular pigment in ancient times because of its beautiful hue. One of the ways in which it does this is by acting as a conduit which can draw out undesirable energies, emotions, and forces that we’re holding on to. Due to its grounding nature, hematite has the power to stabilize the human mind and body. Hematite is a protective stone known to deflect negativity, and provide a feeling of safety and security. Hematite. Hematite is a shiny, dark-colored reddish-brown stone found in South Africa and all over the world. Hematite will release the negative energy it has collected and at the same time be recharged with positive energies. But it will give you an increased ability to focus your mind in a productive way. It can support us physically and emotionally and is prized for its ability to balance our Yin and Yang energies, align our emotional and physical bodies with each other, and harmonize mind, body, and spirit. It balances its user’s self-esteem and self-vision by sweeping away all the negativity that so often clouds our understanding of ourselves. It is a useful stone for improving your skills in subjects such as mathematics, argumentation, and debate, or problem-solving. If you’re put off by the idea of a stone benefiting ‘logical’ thinking and worried that it might negatively impact your creativity: Fear not!