The reigning queen of sounds dark and tenebrous, Nika Danilova basically owns this genre at the moment, with both her early records and last year’s triumphant Conatus jammed full of songs … Weren't these kids 13 when they wrote this? Posted by 3 years ago. Pop music is meant to make us feel good; the Top 40 industry thrives on the happy vibes that propel audiences to listen to a song over and over. Deal with it. Chances are good that you're mainly just awkwardly dancing and mumbling your way through it anyway. As much as the Wilson brothers feared their father, they still got back at him from … So, Johnny Cash goes listing all the places he's been to, and then at the end of one of the lists, he subtly slips in the phrase, "I'm a killer.". “They have everything for you men to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys…you can do whatever you feel” Wait a minute… everybody’s favorite wedding reception dance song is actually about a gay hookup spot? ... but if you're hiding in the dark, it's time to turn on the lights – maybe start with a candle or one lamp in the corner. You’ll Never Walk Alone: the surprisingly dark history behind Capt Tom Moore’s anthem. "You end up like a dog that's been beat too much /Till you spend half your life just covering up.". Who ever knew that Christmas could be so metal? Poppin Party has some surprisingly dark lyrics. Whaaaaaat? The original 1908 music and lyrics to the ballpark standby are now in the public domain in the US and the UK, so all you’ve got to worry about when creating your perfect beer league soundtrack is lugging an organ out to the diamond. It's an audaciously naughty song that shows the dark side of Jolly Old Saint Nick. 9 Surprisingly Dark Christmas Songs. Let's translate the lyrics of "Macarena" into English for a secondhere: "Macarena has a boyfriened who's called / Who's called the last name Vitorino, / and while he was taking his oath as in the military / she was giving it to two friends ...Aaay Macarena!". 2 6 8 … Confirmed: Your elderly relatives are sociopaths. "Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer /Came down upon her head / Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer /Made sure that she was dead.". 1. While Digimon Adventure 02 could get pretty dark, the episode "His Master's Voice" was an outright Cosmic Horror Story, with Hikari being threatened by Deep Ones and Dagomon, an outright Cthulhu Expy.The events of this episode were never mentioned again, aside from occasional references to the Dark Ocean. Let's turn off some of that repetition on Outkast's "Hey Ya!" What were you saying, Eddy Grant? The ‘Animal Crossing’ series is full of unsettling mysteries, and ‘New Horizons’ only perpetuates them. Taylor Swift, Roddy Ricch and Dua Lip follow with six nominations each. I mean, have you ever stopped to think about the final minute of this song? Once again we've fallen victim to the dreaded secretly-depressing ska song! Sorry, I was so busy doing the robot that I didn't get a chance to listen to the lyrics. Wait, did he just say,"Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind /I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind.". I think the happiest apocalyptic song I know is Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival. and "She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind /She lost her youth and she lost her Tony /Now she's lost her mind.". That guitar upstroke can mask just about any dark message, such as the tale of a teenage girl forced into prostitution and the cycle of abuse that follows her. True story: apparently this was meant to be a gentle, lovestruck ballad… until Screamin’ Jay got drunk. There are so many Christmas songs that are awfully unsettling if you take a deeper look at the lyrics. Hannah Sundell. When you say, "We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year," you mean that in a happy way, right? /You go through all the pain and strife /Then you turn your back and they're gone so fast / ...In an mmmbop they're gone.". We can only imagine how strange the record’s ubiquity seemed to its creators, given how dark a piece of work it was. ... but if you're hiding in the dark, it's time to turn on the lights – maybe start with a candle or one lamp in the corner. Discussion. The alternative songs of 1997 could have only existed in 1997. ", I'm sorry, did I say "summer jam"? She was dancing to an anthem about depression and regret, two emotions that she wouldn't experience for at least another ten hours. Depeche Mode — “Master and Servant”.