However, much of the information in that section is written for walkers who are willing to stray from official routes, to experience even more interesting terrain with perhaps even more challenge, to stay from time to time in more luxurious lodgings, to see even greater views, or to enjoy world-class attractions that sometimes may require a detour. De 42e etappe van de GR-5. Afstand ± 37 kilometer. Van station Bergen op Zoom naar station Kijkuit. The route is well marked by red and white painted blazes on trees, fences, and stone structures; or stickers on metal signposts and other semi-permanent fixtures. Illinois. 5.8 Miles 9.4 KM Point to Point. 10-06-2016. the start from St. Gingolph, the GR55 variant through the Vanoise national park and the finish at Nice. The trail starts in the Netherlands, Bergen op Zoom. 13-06-2016. The GR5 Trail does need some careful preparation to help complete it. 15-05-2015. In Italy, there are first of all, the cross Dolomites trails, 9 in number, all taking two weeks or so, and ranging from fairly easy walking to highly difficult. FREE GR5 camping guide, detailed and vivid eBook: Alone Through the Alps. Van Schirmeck naar Le Howald. The trail … "It took us two and a half month". De 5-de etappe van de GR-5. Van Station Genk naar Sint Pietersberg Maastricht. Account of the hike from Maastricht to Nice. I have included only the parts that I walked myself; i.e. It is special because you walk to the sea and walk through beautiful national parks!! Afstand ± 23 kilometer. Afstand ± 35 kilometer. Afstand ± 35 kilometer. Trail journal and photo album of the part of the GR5 that crosses the Jura. Uit het raam kijkend zie ik dat het zachtj... Voor het fotoalbum van deze wandeling klik op de link onder aan mijn startpagina. The GR5 trail is generally well way-marked, although some sections more so than others. 14-11-2015. Hiking op de GR 5 in Vogezen tussen Le Bonhomme en Le Grand Ballon. Van de kerk in Viversel naar Station Genk. 22-04-2016. Van Chalet Hotel Grand-Ballon naar Thann. It is preferable to know how to read a topographical map at 1/25000. An overprint highlights long-distance footpaths, including the GR5 (E-2), cycle routes, and various places of interest, including campsites. But you can’t beat the GR5 – E2 for the sheer beauty of Alpine slopes and pastures, flanked by some snow-covered mountains and glaciers, and punctuated by the the charm of flower-filled French villages, served up with good food of French hotels and inns and/or the comraderie of French communal lodgings—refuges and gîtes d”etape, (and a few Italian and Swiss ones)— all this with the variety that comes from changing elevations and diminishing rainfall as you move from the lush and green north to the sparse and brown south and to the sub-tropical Mediterranean. (You could, of course, argue for many of these: The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt if you want to walk mainly on glaciers, away from villages and towns, with touches of Swiss civilization; the Dolomites if you want to traverse along precipices and climb ladders and other fixed aides above the tree line in striking scenery; the St. James Pilgrimage if you want to be a pilgrim or if you like to contemplate woods and fields, visit churches in French and Spanish towns, and follow where millions of travelers have walked before; the AT if you are a glutton for physical effort among woods and streams with rare long views; the  PCT if you want a mainly wilderness, backpacking experience with many open views in a diversity of beautiful mountain terrain, especially in the Sierras and the North Cascades.). A route of 674km (420 miles), it can be trekked in a month, or split over a series of summer trips. Several parts of the GR5 are described on the page of Ton de Maagt. When To Go, Accommodation, Planning, Meeting People, Books, Maps, Internet sources & GPS for the Alpine GR5, Access Points along the GR5 from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean. Afstand ± 44 kilometer. Hi. They will view conversation with you as an opportunity to practice their English.. Verslagen van mijn wandelingen. 901, Wandelgids 901 Tours et traversées dans l'Ain GR9 | FFRP, Wandelgids 6 GR5 Jura: St-Hippolyte - Nyon | De Wandelende Cartograaf, Wandelgids 2 GR5 Luxemburg: Ouren - Sierck les Bains | De Wandelende Cartograaf, Wandelgids The GR5 Trail Vosges and Jura | Cicerone, Du Léman à la Vanoise - par le Mont Blanc et le Beaufortain GR5, Wandelgids 504 GR5 Du Léman à la Vanoise | FFRP, Nice - Menton - PN du Mercantour IGN TOP100 165, Fietskaart - Wegenkaart - landkaart 165 Nice - Menton | IGN - Institut Géographique National, Alsace - Mulhouse - Basel - Altkirch K+F Outdoor Map 2, Wandelkaart 02 Outdoorkarte FR Elsass, Vogesen - Alsace / Elsass - Mulhouse - Basel | Kümmerly & Frey, Alsace - Colmar - Sélestat - Freiburg im Breisgau - Lahr K+F Outdoor Map 5, Wandelkaart 05 Outdoorkarte FR Elsass - Colmar - Sélestat - Elzas | Kümmerly & Frey, Alsace - Strasbourg - Saverne - Barr - Offenburg K+F Outdoor Map 7, Wandelkaart 07 Outdoorkarte FR Elsass, Vogesen - Alsace, Strasbourg Elzas - Vogezen | Kümmerly & Frey, Fietskaart - Wandelkaart Grandes traversees du Jura met GR-5 | IGN - Institut Géographique National, Mercantour & Alpi-Marittime Didier Richard 07, Wandelkaart 07 Mercantour & Alpi-Maritieme | Libris, Wegenkaart - landkaart - Fietskaart Route des Grande Alps met GR5 | IGN - Institut Géographique National, Vanoise National Park - Beaufortain Didier Richard 04, Wandelkaart 04 Vanoise - Beaufortain | Libris, Wandelkaart - Topografische kaart R1 Luxemburg Clervaux - Huldange - Weiswampach | Topografische dienst Luxemburg, Autour du Thabor: Modane - Bardonecchia - Briançon, Wandelkaart - Topografische kaart R3 Luxemburg Diekirch - Putscheid - Ettelbruck - Vianden | Topografische dienst Luxemburg, Wandelkaart - Topografische kaart R6 Luxemburg Wasserbillig - Beaufort - Echternach | Topografische dienst Luxemburg, Wandelkaart - Topografische kaart R8 Luxemburg Moselle - Syre - Wormeldange - Grevenmacher | Topografische dienst Luxemburg. El GR 5 es uno de los grandes senderos de larga distancia europeos. De 33-de etappe van de GR-5. Through the French Alps from Lake Geneva to Nice. Afstand ± 28 kilometer. Tussen de klingelende koeien en almboerderijen waan je je soms in de Alpen. Description also of Via Alpina.La Vanoise (including Parc National de la Vanoise), FFRP topoguide Ref. De 49e etappe van de GR-5. In the Alps, many two-or-more-week hikes are possible. All Rights Reserved, Please let me know of errors or omissions on  this web site. no. It is extremely rare for anyone to feel animosity, and in any event, feelings will not carry over to you as an individual. This 8 is because of a 9 in the french alps, an 8 in the vosges and ardennen in belgium abd a 7 in luxembourg, pays lorraine and parts if the netherlands French home page for the GR5 (the French part). (See: De GR5 is de roemruchte, meer dan 2000 km lange wandelroute van Hoek-van-Holland naar Nice. ( met vanaf hier een verplaatsing per trein naar Cernay, Camping les Cicognes) De 30-de etappe van de GR-5. This hiker started in Brussels, "manneken pies" (the peeing little man). 31-03-2014. With this theme in mind, this section of the GR5 is worthy of a trip by itself. 2200 Km. Part 10a – FR Thonon les Bains to Reyvroz (GR5) Part 10b – FR St Gingolph to Col de Bise (GR5) Part 11 – FR Les Houches to Bessans. 13-12-2015. The tranquil Vosges and Jura enjoy rolling hills with far-reaching views, ruined castles, enchanting wine-making villages, forests and spectacular gorges. Guidebook, maps and signposts. 27-07-2015. It depends what you are looking for, but for me, only the (pre-2000) around Annapurna trek in Nepal was a better experience –  not the TMB (Tour of Mount Blanc); not the Dolomite #2 traverse but the Brenta Dolomites circuit comes close; not the summer Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt; not the St. James Pilgrimage, not the cross-Pyrenées GR10; not the USA’s AT (Appalachian Trail) in New Hampshire nor the Oregon part of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). The full GR5 from the North Sea to the Mediterranean is one of the world's greatest trails. View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. ( met alternatieve aanloop vanuit Camping Municipal Langenwasen) De 29-de etappe van de GR-5. Route: Dudelange (de grens van Luxemburg en Frankrijk) of Sierck les Bains tot aan Salonnes en Vic-sur-Seille. In many areas camping might be forbidden, but bivouacking tolerated. Van Wasserbillig naar Ehnen. Van Le Howald naar Chatenois. If you are worried about possible negative feelings that someone might have about America, don’t. The GR5 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lorraine, the Vosges, and the Jura. Bijgeleverd een A4... Wild und urtümlich, so präsentiert sich das westliche Drittel des Alpenbogens. Your pictures are stunning! For detailed descriptions, trail instructions, and timings consult guidebooks and/or maps—you will need them in any case. Mont Thabor area at 1:50,000 on a contoured and GPS compatible map from Editions Didier Richard in their series of walking maps of French Alps and other popular hiking regions of south-eastern France. The entire trail is photographed. 10-06-2016. Afstand ± 26 ( plus 4 ) kilometer. Het uitzicht is steeds indrukwekkend en tijdens deze trektocht op grote hoogte loop je over goede paden door ruig terrein, vaak dicht onderlangs de vele gletsjers van het massief. Winding from the Netherlands to France, the GR5—Grande Randonnée, or “great trek”—is often called one of the world’s most beautiful hikes. This guide won't work as a map for the GR5 trail. Part 10a – FR Thonon les Bains to Reyvroz (GR5) Part 10b – FR St Gingolph to Col de Bise (GR5) Part 11 – FR Les Houches to Bessans. The... Vanoise National Park and the Beaufortain Massif in the French Alps at 1:60,000 on a contoured and GPS compatible map from Didier Richard with a base derived from IGN. Station Vielsalm naar Ouren. For days you hike in the tiny country of Luxembourg, a place full of old-world charm. Als ik wakker wordt is het nog vroeg, maar ik heb honger en kleed me aan. Trail diary covering the GR5 from the Dutch border to the French border. Description of the trail GR5-GR52 between Lac Léman in Switzerland with the Metinerranean coast at Menton. Nowadays the pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostela is probably more popular, highlighting the spiritual needs people probably have. What are possible reasons not to walk the GR5? De 38 etappe van de GR-5. This trail is also known as Northsea - Riviera, GR 5, GR-5. However, saying that the GR5 runs from the Geneva Lake to the Mediterranean coast would be the same as saying the AT is a New England trail. Most of our planning had been based on the Cicerone Guide The GR5 Trail Through the French Alps: Lake Geneva to Nice by Paddy Dillon hereafter referred to as the Guide . 14-05-2015. De 45e etappe van de GR-5. For information on guides and maps, see this page . Alltogether 2313 km from the north of the Netherlands to Nice. Afstand ± 34,05 kilometer. De 6-de etappe van de GR-5. Current edition of this title was published in June 2014.ABOUT THE FFRP (Fédération française de la randonnée pédestre)... Guide FFRandonnée Tours et Traversée dans l'ain. Most of these have portions which are equipped with ladders and cables, though these can usually be avoided if desired by detouring. Van camping de Houten Paardjes net buiten Rockanje naar camping Johanna Hoeve bij Herkingen . De GR5 ,Cape Wrath Trail, Kungsleden. Zowaar: prachtige en duidelijke Nederlandstalige gidsjes van telkens een traject van 2 weken. In France the GR5 explores the Vosges, then the Jura, sometimes crossing the border with Switzerland, and finally, after crossing the lake of Geneva by ferry, it follows the length of the Alps. Well, it depends on you. ( met de variant om Hasselt heen) Afstand ± 39,5 kilometer. Afstand ± 36 kilometer. Here his detailed account with pictures. Die nacht is het behoorlijk gaan regenen en ik doe die ochtend dan ook rustig aan in de hoop dat het nog even droog wordt en ik mijn spullen enigszins droog kan inp... Voor het fotoalbum van deze wandeling klik op de link onder aan mijn startpagina. Hello! Afstand ± 48 kilometer. And in some places it will be too steep for running. De 8-de etappe van de GR-5. Afstand ± 29 kilometer. De 40 etappe van de GR-5. Coverage extends from Modane in the north to Brian. De 32-de etappe van de GR-5. 12-01-2013. Even controleren of de kleren een beetje hebben willen drogen maar ze zijn nog klam. Highly recommended! Afstand ± 28 kilometer. De 22-de etappe van de GR-5. Thann naar ferme Rouge Ballon. And with reasons: the trail connects the North Sea with the Mediterranean and crosses some of the best and most varied mountain ranges of the continent. This begins at Lake Maggiore in Lombardy, and reaches Ventimiglia on the Mediterranean in about two months; most of the hikers on this route are German, and general information on the web is in German, while maps and local information are in Italian. Current edition of this title was published in... One of two topographic survey maps of Luxembourg at 1:50,000, with contours at 10-metres intervals and additional relief shading. This webpage is about the Belgium / Wallonian and Luxembourg part of the GR5: facts. The Haute Route has a low-level longer and easier version, and a glacier-level shorter version. De 50e etappe van de GR-5. 27-10-2013. In the first part, Jim Dobrick will show pictures from The Mountaineers’ 2014 Switzerland Via Alpina trek. Also included is a tour of the Dents du Midi. The route follows the GR53 from Wissembourg to Schirmeck, before picking up the central section of the GR5 from Schirmeck to Nyon on Lake Geneva, taking in wooded and grassy hills, river gorges and fascinating castle ruins. Van Pagny-sur-Moselle naar Pont-a-Mousson. 28-08-2015. De 46e etappe van de GR-5. Van camping Mattenburg bij Nieuw-Vossemeer naar station Bergen op Zoom . The GR 5 is a GR footpath that starts in the Netherlands, crosses Belgium and Luxembourg before crossing France from north to south.