DISH packages are pretty expensive for a lot of folks. Thankfully, that's not the case anymore. Here are the premiere dates of HGTV shows: Unsellable Houses, 100 Day Dream Home, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa, Frozen in Time, House in a … We got you: HGTV is channel 160 on Spectrum. That, along with the smaller size of the bundles, makes for lower prices. In either case, you’ll need a TV provider login. But as much as we love those real estate shows, we can't help but yearn for the old days of HGTV—back when programming was all … Watch HGTV) is another way you can stream HGTV from a web browser or any compatible device. Those are just some of the reasons why we like Spectrum for cable TV packages that include HGTV (more on why below). Trending HGTV Dream Home 2021. Not bad for a free app, eh? Live channels: 175+ DIRECTV is also a decent option if you want HGTV as a part of your premium TV experience, especially if you’re a sports fan. Cordcutters save $100/mo. You're going to have a whole lot of options in terms of skinny bundles services as long as you're using a popular streaming device that isn't a million years old. We just buy the shows via iTunes so we can watch them whenever we want without those annoying commercials. That means that you can’t watch HGTV for free (*writer shrugs*). Philo, Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV also have apps for Android and iOS mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, including iPad and iPhones). The short answer is equipment. The best part is you can get up to five streams at once. Subscribers start with a base bundle or two and then add extra mini-bundles to that base. Not bad for a free app, eh? We research options, new technology, share tips, review services, and more, at no cost to our readers. If you also want to see HGTV content that is not available on the free sections of the websites, see below. The Watch HGTV app is pretty handy, though. As for computers (desktops and laptops), we're set there, too: Philo, Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV each have desktop and/or in-browser apps. Now, for the (not really all that) bad news: you’re gonna have to sort through a ton of choices. Well, if you're ready to turn your daydream into reality, keep reading, because we have all the info you need to get cast on your favorite HGTV shows (and beyond) listed ahead. We make editorial decisions based on our expertise, first-hand experience, and informed opinions. These partnerships never influence our reviews, rankings, or recommendations. I guess that you know that means The HGTV of old was wonderful – I loved the variety! Watch HGTV), too. RELATED: 10 Reality TV Shows To Watch If You Love Big Brother. As for Sarah's newest show "Real *otential" (sorry keyboard issues). Add Canadian VMedia, Ontario base… provide ITV and the the farmost IPTV giant Bell Canada service called ALT TV…. Say hello to DVR recordings of the entire Property Brothers franchise. For example, you'll still find HGTV in that super-affordable bundle — but you probably guessed that, seeing as we're talking about Philo in an article called “How to Watch HGTV Without Cable!” You can try out Philo for yourself by taking advantage of the service's free trial offer. Fixer to Fabulous ... An Old Familiar Place 43:02. This makes Sling TV really easy to customize to suit your needs (more on this in the Sling TV review). You’ll need a TV provider subscription to watch HGTV. For a lot of our readers, popular lifestyle channels like HGTV, Hallmark Channel, and Lifetime are more than enough. Let's lay all the facts out: First up, Roku users! Android TV user? That means that there are apps for (or, in the case of Chromecast, compatible with) each of Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast for each of the major skinny bundles we mentioned in this post. Start watching now! During the series, the home-buying families benefit from Erin’s imaginative hand sketches and Ben’s custom handiwork showcasing local reclaimed materials. However, loyal HGTV viewers have to find some other way to watch HGTV online. As much as we hate to say it, we gotta give it to cable provider Spectrum for the value of its TV packages. This monster of a TV package comes with 175+ channels—including HGTV and premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME—for a very reasonable $69.99 per month. Also, you’ll have to get a satellite dish installed on your home—and clean snow off it in the winter. Price: $69.99/mo. Here's how to watch HGTV without cable. We highly recommend Philo ($20.00 per month) if you’re into lifestyle channels and Hulu + Live TV (starting at $54.99 per month) if you want a complete channel lineup. HGTV is available from pretty much every major TV provider. Pro tip: Looking for HGTV on Spectrum? We participate in affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Your DISH package will also include the Hopper Duo, a fairly decent DVR with 2 TB of storage that you can connect to two TVs at the same time. Enter your zip code to see top TV providers in your area. HGTV has been the go-to resource for home decor, renovation makeovers, and DIY tips for years. In HGTV's Fixer Upper, the couple takes families through dilapidated houses and re-envisions the structures using their skills.. Joanna's life echoes this concept. Tune into the network on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels to get your fix. You can save 10–30 bucks a month on your combined TV and internet bill when you sign up for cable. Let's look at your options. Included FREE with your TV subscription. Now it’s a hotspot for home-buying and renovation reality TV shows. For a ton of HGTV shows on demand, you’ll need a Hulu subscription. Live channels: 60+ Fans will watch as the actress turn the old house into a place she and her family can call their Italian retreat for years to come, honoring her family history along the way. (You think you're just sitting down to watch one episode of House Hunters, but 5 episodes later you realize it's now dark outside.) Chromecast users can enjoy native support for the mobile and browser apps from Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV. YouTube TV boasts a great app with broad platform support, lots of content discovery features, and an extensive channel lineup that includes — you guessed it — HGTV. Sure you won’t get half as many channels as you would with DISH or Spectrum, but you’ll pay less than a third of the cost. Read on to find out why we made our choices and to see which HGTV TV package is right for you and your household. HGTV is offering a handful of show marathons in the coming week. It's significantly lower than the average price of its competitors, and Philo didn't have to ditch too many great channels to pull it off. There are at least two solid reasons to get HGTV with cable: bundle discounts and convenience. Many of the shows I want to watch on HGTV are unavailable here in Canada. Not too shabby, eh? Pro tip: Your DISH login will allow you to use the HGTV app (a.k.a. You guys can choose between Philo, Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, all of which have apps for Roku devices. Editorial star rating: 4.01/5.00, Package: Spectrum TV® Silver Shows will be deleted after 30 days, but unlimited storage? Back in January, Netflix dropped all its HGTV and Food Network shows, a devastating move that left it harder to stream shows like Property Brothers and Chopped. Sling TV works a little differently from the other skinny bundles on this list, because it uses a system of base packages and add-on bundles instead of a tiered set of options. Hulu + Live TV also works on PlayStation 4 consoles. She's spent her journey with the Lord walking through the doors He opens, stopping and going when He says. DIRECTV NOW Unless you have a budget like most of the couples on House Hunters (how do they afford these places? That means that you can’t watch HGTV for free (*writer shrugs*). In particular, we think DISH’s America’s Top 200 package is a pretty good deal. (The Hopper 3 is $15 per month extra, but might be worth adding to your package if you’re a true TV fiend.). The Watch HGTV app is pretty handy, though. Learn More. Formerly known as DirecTV Now and now known as AT&T TV Now, this is a strong option that boasts relatively large bundles of streaming channels. Again, for a premium TV experience that includes HGTV, we really like DISH Network. Why then would you go with DISH or a streaming service over Spectrum? 13 HGTV Shows That Need To Come Back, Like, Now ... Watch full episodes online at and be sure to catch reruns on HGTV, ... Watch some old clips online at November, is a bit dark and dreary, but HGTV Canada has a sack full of shows that will make you feel inspired and holiday-ready. Package: America’s Top 200 And, happily for HGTV fans, a lot of these skinny bundle services include HGTV. You’ll still have to pay to get a reliable HGTV stream, but you can usually get a streaming service package for less than a typical cable package. PlayStation Vue. Search and watch live TV and online video, including tv shows, free movies, headline sports, entertainment and events. I would never have a solution that forces me to sit through 5 minutes of commercials. When HGTV launched in 1994, the likes of Mr. T and former Bachelorettes weren't front and center. Now you've shown my a way to see them all!! Follow Us Everywhere. With all that said, you won't need to customize anything to get HGTV, because it's in both of Sling TV's base packages. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a81279d96e0fe08ee33d802a6ba20e74" );document.getElementById("g67441b09c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Usually, you can get about 50–100 more channels than you would with streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV for roughly the same price. Apple TV users get their pick of Philo, Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV. You'll have to rely on the Chrome browser to get an approximate sort of Philo experience on Chromecast, though that's sure to change in the future. In fact, we named DISH best overall among TV providers in 2020. Choose a bundle that includes HGTV and start streaming. On top of that, these services can be streaming on all different devices: your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, and your streaming device (more on those later), to name a few. We think Spectrum TV® Silver is a great value at $69.99 per month with HGTV and premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME included. Did we mention that the DISH Anywhere app will also allow you to stream live TV and DVR recordings? We work with partners and may receive compensation through these partnerships. There's only so long some of us can go without watching someone pick out the tiny home of their dreams or renovate a fixer-upper in thirty minutes (not counting commercials). Each DISH package has up to 80,000 free titles on demand, which you can watch on most devices with the DISH Anywhere app. Channel selection aside, Philo also packs a punch with its unlimited cloud DVR.