The flavor and texture of each insect vary as well making this both a new and ancient culinary experience. We manufacture and supply sustainable insect proteins and oils to help feed the growing aquaculture, pet food and animal feed industries around the world. Circular Organics™ applies cutting edge insect technology on EU approved agricultural by-products. In Vietnam since 2014, Entobel supplies the SEA and International agriculture and aquaculture markets with high-quality, sustainable and ethical insect-based ingredients, proteins and fertilizers, all thanks to one incredible insect: the Black Soldier Fly (hermetia illucens).. We offer fun education and outreach seminars and tours for schools and offices. Add to cart. A premium protein powder extracted from Black Soldier Fly Larve (BSFL). - Such edible insects are packed with high-quality proteins and vitamins, and use less space when farmed Nature’s Fynd (United States) Nature's Fynd's CEO Thomas Jonas folding the Fy protein. Protein bars, insect powder, snacks, crispbread pasta, and more unique products like insect infused beer, bitters, smoothies and burgers. The insect protein industry could be worth USD 7.96 billion by 2030, according to a Meticulous Research report. But I am going to boldly hedge my bets and share this banana bread recipe that I... All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.-George Orwell Most of us who read the novel Animal Farm would be familiar with the above phrase. Geoffrey Yeo, general manager of Seeds Capital – the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore – commented: “Protenga’s proprietary solutions in black soldier fly production and waste bioconversion enables the company to have a differentiated and scalable business model in the insect protein space, and addresses the growing gap in the demand and supply of animal feed. Insects are 50% to 82% protein and can be added to animal feed – with up to 40% insect content for fish feed and 30% for chicken feed. Our unique technology makes insect innovation simple, … Feel free to modify or add to the recipe and don't forget to share your versions with us! Ÿnsect is a French company created in 2011 and today a world leader in the breeding of insects and their transformation into premium ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. AFFIA is the platform where regional insect industry stakeholders and researchers do connect. SINGAPORE — Insect protein manufacturer Protenga raised $1.6 million in seed funding from Roslin Technologies and Seeds Capital, the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, to continue innovating in the sustainable pet food and aquaculture ingredient space. MagMeal™ is a sustainable, high quality insect protein derived from black soldier fly larvae. Read more at The Business Times. 1 pc. A greener future starts with awareness and changing mindsets. The wide availability of insects has prompted the manufacturers to commercialize the insect farming and process protein from it. Browse and purchase our range of black soldier fly pet feeds and organic plant fertilizers. While insect-based protein bars may have reached a small corner of the shelves at your neighborhood health food store, we are in the early days of food innovation using insects… The investment also includes Masik Enterprises and two unnamed angel investors. We hold the knowledge to extract valuable materials from black soldier fly larvae. Already, insect farming is seen as a promising and valuable source of sustainable protein for animal feed, and creates useful by-products that can be used as … It is now part of the Next 40, a label promoted by the government for promising companies. A premium protein powder extracted from Black Soldier Fly Larve (BSFL). Increasing demand for high quality protein in the global market both for food and feed. Singapore firm raises funds towards SE Asia’s largest insect protein farm By Undercurrent News July 29, 2019 10:55 BST Singapore-based agrifood tech company Nutrition Technologies said it … Although this is a recent trend in North America and Europe, around the world 80% of countries eat insects every day and have been since the dawn of human existence. We take in Singapore's food waste and transform it into valuable materials. Type of insects used: Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Products sold: live and dried whole larvae, insect meal, de-fatted insect meal & enriched protein powder, oil and frass. Substrate used: EU quality standard (100% vegetal), Halal Still, insect protein has yet to gain much traction in Singapore given the city-state's lack of infrastructure in agriculture, said Lam Tak's managing director James Wee. Circular Organics products are used for feed, pet food, and other agricultural applications. Singapore (7) South Korea (5) St. Lucia (1) Taiwan (3) Thailand (4) USA (3) United Kingdom (1) Vietnam (1) View more. We hold the knowledge to farm, process, and extract high-value biomaterials from the black soldier fly, ready for use in a diverse array of industries. But at the end of the day, insect protein is a global market, so we’re not limiting our sights on APAC,” says Tee. It has a high crude content with a well-balanced amino acid profile. Insect farming is relatively new here compared with in the United States or Europe. ... Insects and algae as feed for poultry. The access to high quality protein is however becoming more challenging due to growing world population, resource scarcity and climate change, to name a few. • Food ingredients companies • Companies that produce proteins from plant-based sources - peas, pulses, wheat, rice, soy, from animal protein dairy – eggs, whey, meat, and novel ingredients - insects • Food manufacturers & processing industries investing into protein markets, nutritionists, private retail manufacturers, retail & food services channels • Process technology … Fish farming, or aquaculture, is expected to provide 62% of the global fish supply by 2030. Insect products for human consumption: Here is the list of companies selling edible insect products under its own brands. Tiger Balm Natural Mosquito Repellent - Patch. Dietary attributes. Cricket powder is similar to protein powder and can be used in a variety of ways, from bread to smoothies to soups. Singapore-based Protenga also got the attention of ESG, winning S$50,000 ($36,100) in grants at the Indoor Ag-Con Asia 2018, which is supported by the agency. It has a high crude content with a well-balanced amino acid profile. Worth thousands more than raw insect material, it's the sustainable option of the future, We are the first insect farm in Singapore farming the black soldier fly. Vietnamese insect protein startup Cricket One has closed a pre-Series A funding round led by Singapore-based family office Corecam Capital Partners. Insectta is an insect farming entity. Insectta | 320 followers on LinkedIn. It is an interpretation of how hierarchy in contexts, such as businesses, politics or even everyday... All Proteins are Equal, But Some Proteins are More Equal than Others (Part 1). PAVING THE WAY FOR INSECT DERIVED PRODUCTS, PAVING THE WAY FOR INSECT DERIVED PRODUCTS, Fall in! Our low fat, high protein cricket powder contains 78% protein and 5.5% fibre. Country: Vietnam and Singapore. Insects are seen as a sustainable alternative to fishmeal and other high-protein feeds. AgFunder News (AFN) reports that Cricket One, a Vietnamese startup focused on insect protein, has landed a pre-Series A round of funding led by Singapore's Corecam Capital Partners. A majority of insects are consumed in the form of powder. Changing the way farmed animals get their protein We farm black soldier flies by feeding the larvae food waste sourced locally from food manufacturers. Nestle to use insect protein in Purina pet food FILE PHOTO: The company's logo is seen at a Nestle 1lant in Konolfingen, Switzerland September 28, 2020. The insects are fed a specially formulated feed and kept in clean hygienic conditions. Insect-fed products have already hit the shelves in Europe: consumers in the Netherlands can buy OEREI Eggs, laid by hens fed with grain, seeds and BSF. However, with new insect producers popping up across America, more and more insect products will be hitting the shelves of grocery stores this year. The popularity of insect meal as a new protein has taken off – find out about new developments, regulations and innovations. TRANSFORMING WASTE INTO HIGH-VALUE BIOMATERIALS, As the first urban insect farm in Singapore rearing the black soldier fly (hermetia. Insecta is also the class with the most number of known animal species - roughly one out of every four known animal species is an insect. 2 tbsp AIFS - Orchestra Provisions’ Chai Spice (Buy it at... Banana Bread If I told you that you could whip up a quick, fuss-free snack in your kitchen that is sweet, flavorful and loaded with healthy protein, you may begin to doubt my sanity!! Join us on our journey in providing sustainable and high-volume insect-based solutions for food, feed, petfood, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agricultural applications. All insects we process into powder are sourced from our own GAP certified farm and carefully selected GAP certified farms. Founded (year): 2014. TRANSFORMING WASTE INTO HIGH-VALUE BIOMATERIALS As the first urban insect farm in Singapore rearing the black soldier fly (hermetia illucens), Insectta takes food waste and returns it into the economy as valuable biomaterials. SINGAPORE-BASED insect technology startup Protenga has raised US$1.6 million in seed funding from UK agritech firm Roslin Technologies, and the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore (ESG), SEEDS Capital. Healthier Choice (1) Organic (1) ... PowerPac Ultrasonic Insect Repellent Mosquito Killer PP306. High in protein and calcium, and made with eco-friendly farming practices. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann Sales of insect protein for animal feed have a potential to reach 1 million tons in 2027, ADM said. We also offer insect-based organic fertilizers to the agricultural sector. Protenga has developed a next-generation Smart Insect Farm™ system that makes insect innovation accessible to valorise a range of agricultural and food manufacturing by-products into fully traceable insect protein. Managing director of Sirius Venture Capital Eugene Wong explained: “A piece of steak only gives you about 40 per cent in protein source. The Asian Food and Feed Insect Association (AFFIA) gathers companies and institutions in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar) with the general objective to promote and support the use of insects as food and as feed. The nutritional value of insects varies considerably from insect to insect. Insect protein market is dominating in the market due to due to high consumption of insect derived food since the ancient time and presence of large livestock population that is fed with insect protein products. Be in the loop of our latest updates. Matcha Tahini Protein Cookies A harmony of flavours come together in this simple and nutritious cookie recipe. Insects (phylum Arthropoda, subphylum Hexapoda, class Insecta) form the largest group of arthropods on Earth, with more than a million species being described. The EU Commission is "working intensively" with Member States to have insect protein authorised for use in poultry and pig feed. These organic streams are processed into protein, oil, chitin and soil products using fly larvae. $15.50. The larvae is converted as a sustainable source of protein to feed pets and farmed animals such as fish and livestock. Crispy and puffy, an excellent pet feed for dogs, poultry, fish, song birds, small mammals and reptiles. Existing investor Masik Enterprises, also from Singapore, participated in the fundraise alongside two unnamed angel investors. Wholesome and versatile protein ingredient that provides all the nutritional and physiological advantages of a highly digestible, protein. 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