It's also compatible with the popular Thompson Fat Pad. – Vulcan 3×3 Flat Bench – This bench is a tank. As far as buying a GHD, there are several places to focus your search. gym warriors is a hard core training facility for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and top athletes. You have entered an incorrect email address! You'll also receive ongoing can't-miss deals, equipment releases, and awesome product reviews. Dec 21, 2020 : The 181 All-Time World Record deadlift has been broken! Check it out and make sure to leave a 5 star review! Chawn’s son Colt wanted to be a part of the action at high school meets though he was only 5 years old. Thank you for taking the time to read and for commenting! It is the mission of USA Powerlifting to provide powerlifting competition of uniform high quality which is drug tested and available to all athletes who meet the criteria for membership throughout the United States. Other manufacturers to look for include UCS, Legend, and Sorinex. While I don’t normally use it for GHD sit-ups, I have in the past without issue. The Powerblocks are the pick for you if you require fast weight changes. Let's work on being better together and helping everyone who needs it ! For peace of mind, though, it couldn’t hurt to add that extra layer. They've been around for ages, you can fit more of them on the bar, and they're used on the actual platform if you're a competitive lifter. I personally own it, and it's a fantastic bar. A major benefit of this bar is that unlike other alternative bars such as the SSB, you can relieve shoulder stress while still applying the same technique and form that you would use with a straight bar. If this is the case for you, adjustable dumbbells are the perfect option. Would adding a second layer of stall mats over the existing layer in my power lifting zone adequately protect my basement floor if I were to start dropping moderate weight ( under 250 lbs) bumper plates? He has a sick powerlifting gym in his basement full of goodies. This bar will destroy your back (in a very good way) and it carries over very well to the deadlift. One thing I really appreciate about this company is their constant evolution to improve their product offerings. I own the Edge Fitness Systems Slim Football Bar, and it's a terrific choice. Some people like to lift outside of a rack, while others like the feeling of being inside of a 4 or 6-post full power rack. The Rep plates do represent a significant savings over the Rogue competition plates if budget is a concern. Adamant Barbell is known for solid customer service and for offering deals, either on price or shipping, if you purchase a lot of weight. Rep Fitness is similar to Titan Fitness in that they are a young company who has really hit the scene hard. These things are definitely built to last though. It is truly a work of art that I haven't seen anywhere else. Felix Adamo Priscilla Perales deadlifts 253 lbs at the International Powerlifting Championship. They can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on manufacturer, specs, and finish level. Feel free to dm/pm follow my Instagram @bowmanatt23 You can of course also lift outside of a full power rack. It's practically a dead bounce. The 2.5″ pad is 12″ wide and sits 17.5″ off the ground. The bar needs to have good knurling for those heavy lifts, especially deadlifts. There are a few online instructions outlining exactly what you need and how to build it. – Rogue 6-Shooter Olympic Plates– These are modeled after the Ivanko OMEZH plates, but again at a fraction of the cost (~$82 savings on the pair). – Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates – These plates are just awesome. Adding another layer of stall mats would be enough to protect your floor. All will have their own sections, bars and weights. The reason you want low-bounce is because you'll be far less likely to throw off your bar path on deadlifts and also because they typically have a thinner profile. The shorty version is only 15.25″ with the standard pad, but if you add a Thompson Fat Pad it becomes 17.5″, which is ideal. I stopped breathing for four minutes and had to be trached as well as given chest tubes. Welcome to the Official HOUSE STRONG YouTube channel! The primary selling point for Titan Fitness is their prices are awesome, they run sales often, and they have fast & free shipping. This is one of my absolute favorite power bars. When it comes to choosing weights for your powerlifting gym, you basically have two choices: iron/steel plates or bumper plates. Scary stuff, folks. With the SSB you can perform back squats, front squats, good morning variations, unilateral work (great for rehab), and even lying triceps extensions! In a home gym setting, space is typically a limiting factor. There are two primary types of racks I would recommend: The first is the full power rack, which consists of either 4 or 6 steel posts and a section inside from which your movements will be performed. The shaft has a tensile strength of 200,000 PSI and it's diameter is 29mm, which is consistent with most other power bars. Tim Sowards - 405x 11 deadlifts TB Tim Sowards - 405x 11 deadlifts TB | Facebook ===== Jimmy House Final set of the day with 600 in just sleeves for a 15 pound PR. I personally prefer fixed dumbbells, but sometimes space doesn't allow for it. The bar is stainless steel throughout, including the sleeves, thereby giving it supreme oxidation resistance. How is it for taller athletes? The knurling has a very aggressive, mountainous profile that is outstanding for the big 3. Your equipment is your lifeblood. If you have lower back issues, the GHD can be an amazing tool because there is little shear force placed upon the structures in and around the lower back. 475/215x3x4 on pause squats. Your hands will actually sit lower than on a straight bar, which creates a more optimal positioning for those with shoulder issues or poor flexibility. These plates are going to be the most expensive of the bunch, as expected. Powerblock sells several different systems, with a maximum weight of 125 lbs. They have a durometer rating of 86. But the racks will likely outlive us all, as their quality is supreme. The bar is 29 mm in diameter with a tensile strength of 190,000. Unlike the Rogue Flat Utility Bench below, the Monster 2.0 is bolted together vs. welded. Follow me on the path of excellence. At these price points, it's an accessible power bar for virtually any budget. Rogue offers two high quality flat benches that are certain to serve your home gym well. With respect to powerlifting, it's important that you focus your attention on low-bounce bumper plates. For the 45 lb bar, there are four different finish options at three different price points. You can read my reviews of each here and here. I would first encourage you to check the used market for a quality commercial grade GHD. From a safety perspective, a full rack is preferred because there are several safety systems available: pin & pipe, spotter arms, safety straps, and drop-in safeties primarily. They're super thin, allowing you to load a bar up to 1,500 lbs (LOL). You can read my full review here. Like Rogue, Elitefts racks are also manufactured in the U.S.A. and they offer a range of racks at different price points to appeal to almost anyone. It’s great for everything else, and I love that it’s a smaller footprint. You can also consider a DIY platform if you have the ceiling height to allow it. 1,210 were here. He also provides coaching to other lifters in their quest to set PRs. This can play a significant role in getting more range of motion, and I generally find it more comfortable to use. When you look at the Allrounder Bar from Gungnir, one of two thoughts is likely to pop into your head: If you incorporate a lot of volume work into your training, this knurl balance is a really nice feature. As for specs, the Texas Power Bar offers a slightly smaller diameter shaft at 28.5 mm. You can read my full review here. There is certainly no shortage of other accessory equipment on the market. The knurling is quite aggressive and does have a sharp feeling that isn't agreeable to some. Garrett is an absolutely elite powerlifter. This style of bar is great for pressing movements as well as some arm gains with hammer curls and triceps extensions. This bar has one of the most impressive knurls I've ever felt. The problem that arises for powerlifting-minded people is that commercial gyms generally don't offer the right platform (pun intended) on which you can build an efficient and intelligent training program. Sorinex is another company who manufactures their equipment in the U.S.A. I personally own a Rogue Bolt-Together R3 rack. Once you have your foundation, you can add to your collection with ‘nice to have' accessory pieces and specialty bars. You can read my review here. I own the Vulcan Strength Buffalo Bar, which I'm a big fan of. If you want to squat, bench, and deadlift, there are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely essential. Their profile is the same, the durometer rating is the same, and they still look badass. While you can absolutely create an effective accessory program with the essentials above, adding a few pieces of nice-to-have equipment can have a massive carry-over. He is opening a gym that will host powerlifters, olympic weightlifting and Crossfitters. You can hit every major muscle group in a seemingly endless number of ways. The price point at Legend is going to be on the higher side, but their quality speaks for itself. let's take a more in-depth look at some of their spaces: Cody is an all-around great guy who has helped a ton of people in the powerlifting community. Guys like Cody Lefever, Mike Tuchscherer, Garrett Blevins, Brandon Lilly, Chance Mitchell, Dennis Cornelius, Brandon Campbell, etc… they have reached awesome strength levels by lifting in the comfort of their own home. They are sexy, they perform well, they have tight tolerances, and they offer a thin profile as far as bumpers are concerned. There are 5 items that you need in order to maximize your powerlifting potential and make the most of your space. Done in front of the whole USA weightlifting team, including judges) and 675lbs. The 18″ height is slightly higher than some comp federations, so keep that in mind if you require comp specs. I particularly love it on deadlifts and low bar squats. They include the following: These items will serve as your training foundation, and they will, for all intents an purposes, provide everything you need to start your own powerlifting gym and hit the ground running in serious strength gains. Nearly every time Chawn Cooper coached at a powerlifting meet 12 years ago, there was a young boy accompanying him wearing a powerlifting suit. Both the length and height of the foot plate are adjustable, so it will work great for athletes short (like me) and tall (like you). Unilateral work is easy, drop sets are a breeze, supersets are seamless, and hypertrophy gains will make your veins pop (not literally, that would suck). This bench also includes wheels for easy transport, but it doesn't offer the tripod design that the Rep FB-5000 and Rogue Monster 2.0 offer. There are a few important specs that are basically required in order for a bar to be considered a powerlifting bar: The following list is my personal list of recommendations for powerlifting barbells: Rep Fitness has recently introduced their aggressive stainless steel power bar. This bar looks very nice and performs very well, but you will want to maintain it with oil and a brush if you train in a humid environment. P.t . In April he was managed by Jimmy Hart at a Superstars of Wrestling tapings. It also offers a whopping 221k tensile strength, which is one of the highest available in the power bar market. In powerlifting, a separate bar for deadlift, squat, and bench is ideal. No email? Written byWade ButcherButch’s Barbell / Team Darksyde IronwearAPF Ohio State Co/chair 1st 600 Bench – June ’09, NASA National, single ply teen 220 700 Bench – Oct ’09, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220 740 Bench- Feb ’10, APF Ohio Cup, multi-ply teen 220 800 Bench – Oct ’10, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220 […] Jimmy Taylor. Can you go into a little more detail on your Power Lift GHD? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How is it with hip extensions, back extensions, and GHD sit-ups? The 12″ wide pad consists of 2.5″ high quality dense foam and feels nice and firm. The basement is finished with carpeting over the concrete underneath. They are less expensive than the competition bumpers, so check them out if you're looking to shave a few bucks of your total. As it relates to customization, full racks can't be beat. And perhaps worst of all, the dreaded HEX PLATES! A lot happened from 1991-2000 at Westside. Let’s say the average max for his powerlifters is 450 lbs. ONLINE COACHING CLINICS – New dates added! I’m glad you found it useful. There are even cheaper options, but the three listed above are arguably the best of the bunch. To some, this is preferred for pulling movements as it makes it more “gripable.” The shaft is black zinc, which is good at fighting off oxidation, but the smooth sleeves are a raw steel finish, which will require additional maintenance.