Replacing the engine air filter can instantly bring you amazing improvement in your gas mileage by as much as 15%. PM has debunked more $10 gas saving gadgets than we … Not bad for an easy DIY quick fix. 16. This increases fuel consumption and lowers gas mileage. Check new cars price in India, upcoming cars in India, car reviews, top cars in India, cars comarison and more on TOI Auto.The 20 Best Mileage Cars (Fuel Efficient Cars) of 2020 | Petrol … Most new cars today already come with electric fans replacing the belt-driven fans of old. GET BETTER GAS MILEAGE – IMPROVING YOUR FUEL ECONOMY Superchips’ sophisticated performance electronics are designed to enhance your performance – from fuel economy to towing to racing; we have the products to meet your needs. Read this ‘High Fuel Economy Tips’ article to increase the fuel economy of your car. Our products can help. Keep in mind, these additives might increase fuel mileage while decreasing your savings due to their cost. In an era of high fuel prices, most customers are interested in improving their fuel economy. Lucas Oil 10026 Octane Booster Key Features: Comes in pack of 12; Promotes a clean fuel burn The mileage of the car also does not drop much because the manufacturers reduce the engine capacity when they slap on a turbocharger. The EPA has tested more than 20 air bleed devices and has found only one that slightly increased fuel mileage, but at the cost of increasing exhaust gases coming from the engine. Improve the MPG of your vehicle with our gas mileage tips. Octane booster ingredients Octane boosters are formulated with various additives to help reduce and prevent knocks and … Petrol Car Mileage Booster - Buy Mileage Booster at best price of Rs 5999/piece from Madhu Techno Gas Ind. W ith fuel prices surging every now and then, it is always better that we look for the ways to save fuel and increase the fuel economy of our car. Car Mileage Booster , Find Complete Details about Car Mileage Booster,Fuel Saver Products,Car Fuel Saver,Liquid Fuel Saver from Other Auto Engine Parts Supplier or Manufacturer-RS BRIGHT COMPUSOFT PRIVATE LIMITED EPA gas mileage, safety, air pollution, and greenhouse gas estimates for new and used cars and trucks. Pvt.Ltd.. Also find here related product comparison | ID: 14664483712 Most cars run more smoothly, get better gas mileage, and deliver more power with higher octane fuel, which can make using an octane booster a good idea. Octane Booster Gasoline has an octane rating, which measures the potential energy stored in the gasoline which can be converted to kinetic energy when the gas is mixed with air and burned in your engine's combustion chamber. Gas prices may be down, but so is the stock market—getting great mileage is still on our minds. Many reviewers on Amazon are happy that this octane booster can be used for classic cars, helps eliminates pre-detonation, and improves performance. Turbocharged engines produce more power and torque when compared with a naturally aspirated petrol engine. Here in this article, you will learn some driving and car maintenance hacks that can help you get better mileage from your car. Consider fitting an electric thermatic fan. Many car makers have now started offering turbocharged petrol engines with their vehicles. This portable size means its easy to keep a bottle in your car, for use whenever you need it.