/ Phoenix, AZ, 100 KM / 121 finishers Find the best gear with our reviews and the best training guides. State, Race Dec. 12. MAY 3-8, … Serving a loyal market of long-distance runners since 1981, UltraRunning magazine has long been established as “the voice of the sport”. Click here to read … / Ellijay, GA, Grid The home of ultra running. Produced by Beyond Limits Running, the 8th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival takes place on Presidents' Weekend 2021 … Records, Long-Standing The Dike was built by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the surrounding areas from … 47 d + 05:39:58. / Lookout Mountain, GA, 50 KM / 29 finishers View, List / Phoenix, AZ, 50 KM / 13 finishers 90-94% Elite. The Australian Ultra Runners Association (AURA) has a comprehensive list and links of events and their respective results. On the few occasion I've gotten stuck I call and every time I get to talk to a friendly person. / Albion, IN, 50 KM / 26 finishers Results, Top Race Results « Previous; ... Bulow Woods Trail Race and Ultra Marathon. Overall Jackpot Ultra Running Festival Description. But too much of either results in real weight gain, and those extra pounds carried over miles and hours takes a toll. At Ultra Running Ltd we are passionate about organising the best ultra events. Performances, Course An insight into the mind of an ultra runner and find "why" in running a 100 miles By Ben Hobson 15/11/2017 Inside ultra-running and overtraining. / Mount Vernon, OH, 50 Miles / 93 finishers The results database is the property of UltraRunning Magazine. Keep up with the latest ultra running … / San Juan Capistrano, CA, 24 Hours / 22 finishers Tip: Hone your needs, and keep supplies minimal. The LOST118 has been run atop the Herbert Hoover Dike, around Lake Okeechobee, for the past eight years. Finishes. aura news uts races resouces results arkansas ultra running association © 100 Miles / 22 finishers Thank you for the helpful advice! Covictory Virtual Race - 1k, 1 Mile, 5k, 8k, 5 Mile, 10k, 10 Mile, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultramarathon 50k A Better World Running September 18 - December 31, 2020 Share tips and stories with thousands of runners in our fastest growing ultra running community. We take the Median finishing time of the past 5 years and compare those times. And we hope to see you all again soon. Virtual Run; Ultra Great Britain; Chester Ultra; Chester Ultra 100; Manchester to Liverpool Ultra; Beacons Way Ultra 100; Pennine Barrier Ultra; Snowdon Ultra 50; Snowdon Ultra 100; Glasgow to Edinburgh ultra; Ultra Scotland 50; Ultra Scotland 100; Virtual Run; Results… I plan on running my first 100 mile ultra in 2020 and will pick up your book this weekend. / Jackson, TN, 100 Miles / 18 finishers … With virtually all races canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we “organized” a FatAss 50K for runners to celebrate on the day that Western States would have been run. Use of the information and data is allowed and / Mission Viejo, CA, 50 KM / 69 finishers / Cedar Creek, TX, 50 KM / 23 finishers Any personal advice ( I have only run … 50 KM / 129 finishers / Lore City, OH ... Running Is Not Closed Run #11 50K Cave Creek Thriller 50K Buts Bearly Ultra … arkansas ultra running association ©. The Severn Challenge Races 2019 – The Results → MHU 2019 Race Results Well done to all of the competitors who were able to make the late revised date change and for those that couldn’t we hope … Bet Big, Run Long. Results. Ultrarunning is the long distance running sport that has taken shape around ultramarathons or ultra-distance races. Top Performances ... Running Is Not Closed Run #11 50K Cave Creek Thriller 50K Buts Bearly Ultra 27M Trail of Fears VariableH Desert Solstice 100M Running Is Not Closed Trail Run … Trishul Cherns, 42, NY (CAN), 1999. 85-89% Regional Hero. Panda Trail by UTMB® provided an epic and unforgettable challenge for trail runners this weekend in … We work to create … Completely tongue-in-cheek, we called it the “Not Exactly Western States FatAss 50K,” (or NEWS 50K) run … How it works. New Zealand's first ultramarathon, called the Kepler Challenge, was held on a 60 kilometres (37 mi) trail through Fiordland National Park. 50 d + 03:36:01. / Springfield, MO, 9 Hours / 3 finishers An ultra distance race is typically a race of any distance beyond 26.2 miles. Ultramarathon results database containing at the moment 1151618+ performances of 337066+ runners achieved in 13820+ ultramarathon events. ... To receive updates on events, race news and results ciick here and enter your details. NEWSLETTER. Even when … San Diego Ultra Running Friends supports our diverse running and trail community, providing our members with happy, healthy opportunities to run, race, volunteer, and socialize. Results = 30. Reply. Race Results; Runner Results; Stats. Grid Ultra races are contested over two different types of race modalities, either over a set distance or a set time. 2020. Standard ultra races are run … Find ultra marathons and events. Use of the information and … 95-100% Super Human. Thank you Ultra Signup! Edward Kelley, 41, CA, 1998. Panda Trail by UTMB® celebrates successful first edition and induction into the Ultra-Trail® World Tour. The NURVV Run are smart insoles that can be inserted beneath your shoe’s existing footbeds in order to provide unique data such as foot strike and pronation information. The most … AURA (Australian Ultra Runners Association) is the governing body for ultra-running in Australia. Age-Old Runners … View, List / Oviedo, FL, 6 Hours / 15 finishers encouraged, however when it is shared or published attribution is required, as follows: Source UltraRunning Ultra runner rankings are generated of this database if … 51 d + 10:04:37. / Virginia Beach, VA, 50 KM / 164 finishers / Middleburg, FL, 50 KM / 71 finishers State, Race Official website: International Association of Ultrarunners . / Ormond Beach, FL, 50 KM / 129 finishers The NURVV Run system also promises to improve your running through live in-run … View, Table Records. View, By Course rating are based on past finishing times. / Fincastle, VA, 12 Hours / 9 finishers Top Performances ... Running Is Not Closed Trail Run #8 50K Desert Solstice ... Bulow Woods Trail Race and Ultra Maratho... 50K Bigfoot 50k … We hope you all enjoyed the Thames Challenge races, including The Cotswold, Oxford, Windsor and Richmond Ultra’s. View, By New Zealand. Race Results; Runner Results; Stats. Male winning result was 3:35:26 and the female winning result was 4:18:07. Ultrarunning training tips from Trail Runner Magazine for beginners and advance runners racing any ultra distance, from 50K to 100 miles (and more). Bigfoot 50k. Calories, water, and salt enhance performance and are necessary for success. Bet Big, Run Long. 3100 Miles. These plans are intended for runners who have done the distance before and/or have 2-4 years ultramarathon training experience and are trying to improve upon their time or placing from previous … Containing comprehensive and informative articles about all … / Birmingham, AL, Variable Hours / 22 finishers View, Table Magazine (and if online, a link to UltraRunning.com). Results. Performances, Course The results database is the property of UltraRunning Magazine. / Cave Creek, AZ, 27 Miles / 37 finishers The 2020 Dead Horse Ultra 50 KM had 252 total finishers. Results, Top Running on Science; Ultramarathon Training: A Guide to Everything; Your Ultra-Training Bag of Tricks; Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running; Always Improving; Stay the Course; Trail Running 101; First Aid on the Run; Current Columns. The Marji Gesick in the UP of MI looks appealing. Virtual Climbing ChallengeDecember 1-25 Virtual 10 Day RunDecember 28-January 7 Aravaipa Event Safe Plan SUPPORT OUR RUNNING YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTENT!Become a Patron! We know this. 80-84% Solid Athlete. Finishes. I am not computer savvy but it has been easy setting up my race on your site. / Titusville, FL, 50 KM / 121 finishers / Lore City, OH, 6 Hours / 1 finishers Arpan DeAngelo, 52, NY, 2004. The Severn Challenge Races 2019 – The Results Running is good for us. Ultra Running. 50 KM / 71 finishers / Ormond Beach, FL. It has been running … Produced by Beyond Limits Running, the 8th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival takes place on Presidents' Weekend 2021 (February 12-14) at one of Southern Nevada's newest and … Records, Long-Standing Records, Bulow Woods Trail Race and Ultra Marathon.