In Stock . only had the 17 Hornet shooting off roof platform. He was a small squirrel, so I should have taken that into account when considering his flight path and distance. The safety catch operates backwards compared to all other guns and locks the bolt when `safe`. Here Edgar Brothers supplied a set of 30mm Millet rings that are windage adjustable with separate jaws each side to clamp onto the rail, each adjustable to tweak the ring from side to side if you should want to? The fine pointed nature of the polymer ballistic tips on Hornady’s own fine V-Max bullets fed well but the slightly larger flat of the meplat on Berger’s target bullets caught the base of the feed ramp with every shot, sometimes feeding but regularly jamming in the action. 3 product ratings - Cz Magazine 527 .17 Hornet 5-rounds Blued 13019. Chambered in a number of cartridges from.17 Hornet and.204 Ruger up to 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39, it’ll take everything from small game to deer. $30.00 per set. I own a half-a-dozen CZ’s and have never been disappointed with their accuracy. CZ Model 527 .17 Hornet after a short hunt. No Sights, Integrated 16mm … I've had four CZ 527's, two 17 Hornets, 17 Rem, 204, I still have the two 17 Hornets and the 204. The CZ.17 Hornet lineup features adjustable triggers, hammer-forged barrels, billet machined receivers, and detachable magazines, with models available in left-handed configurations. My CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet has been a great little gun lots of fun to shoot and very accurate. The walnut unit fitted to the CZ although slim was plenty stiff enough to prevent this anyway and the gun never suffered any movement in the point of impact from multiple shooting positions, partly helped by zero recoil! The specs on the new .17 Hornady Hornet (.17HH) are impressive. Rocky Meadors Jake Dempsey – New Hunter Experience When a new cartridge is introduced, its origins can often be traced to a cartridge P.O. Because of that, the current CZ 527 models are even more accurate, durable, reliable and more user-friendly than ever before. While a Weatherby Mark V VarmintMaster is my go-to choice for hiking after woodchucks, it now has a challenger: CZ’s Model 527. I apologized, but he just chuckled and said that the blood would wash off! I adjusted my objective and took aim on its head. $65.00. For sale is a CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet. We walked over to examine my handy work, but I soon realized that I sprayed ground squirrel bits and blood all over his tiles. Weight:  6.34 lbs. The trigger also has a single set facility where you can push the blade forwards until it clicks so that the pull is now really knife edged but safe with this secondary stage, now breaking at 28oz. While I was at the 2013 SHOT show in Las Vegas, the CZ-USA booth was abuzz with reports that rifles were shipping that week and as rifles were being received, posts were popping up on internet forums from happy owners. Fired approx 400 rounds. Loren Lunsford $2,000.00 SOLD! The trigger shows multiple adjustment points and although arriving with it set at 64 oz and considerable gritty creep in its travel, I had it adjusted within 5 minutes to 38oz and just the tiniest feeling of movement as it broke. The smooth trigger blade would have also felt a little more tactile had it featured some vertical serration. I was on a small road that skirts along the trees on a portion of the ranch. The CZ rifle performed flawlessly and was superbly accurate! It’s only 13 ¾” which is on the short side for me, but could easily be spaced out and is certainly better than the 13 ½” featured on many U.S. guns. Merry Xmas from all of us at Oz Gun Sales. As rifles hit the dealers, they were snapped up quickly by those wanting to take one out to the prairie dog towns for some explosive action! Cliff T With tiny powder consumption, good barrel life and low noise, what isn’t to like for a miniature plinking round that brings all those `long range` … CZ 527 Varmint Rifle. This combo is a perfect and fun, small varmint gun. Handloading had to be done delicately as before due to the tiny cases and bullets but the sliding collar design of the Hornady Dies allowed the flat base bullet to be rested in the case mouth and then vertically centralised with its tip in the centre well of the seating die. Overall, the CZ is a solid rifle. The safety catch is a thumb operated lever high on the right side of the action in front of the bolt shroud. $550 shipped to buyer's FFL. David Hillis CZ 527 Carbine 7.62 18.5" barrel wood stock 5+1 Rnd (5274-7304-BFTKABX) C$1,099.99 CZ CZ 527 Lux Bolt Action Walnut, FS, SST Trigger .22 hornet (5274-0201-DFTKABX) Add to cart. 4 product ratings - CZ 527 Magazine 204 Ruger 5 Round Md:13007. I did a lot of … Mike Kleint After completing the wait period and transfer from my FFL, I was finally able to really handle the gun. and.223 Rem. Since I had not been up to this area in quite a while, I was concerned that the population of squirrels may have been killed off with poison. I eagerly awaited the CZ model 527 with its mini-Mauser controlled feed action. Just when I got everything set with my camera, a ground squirrel popped out at least 50 yards past the first one. Caliber: 17 Hornet. MANUFACTURER: CZ USA MODEL: 527 Varmint CALIBERS: .17 Hornet, .204 Ruger, .223 Rem. The CZ starts out with a neatly screw cut crown with the popular ½” thread to accept a moderator or muzzle brake. Over travel is also adjustable along with the set function stop point, although I left these two alone as they felt fine. Running at 3600 fps, one shot every now and again would suddenly crater a primer unusually badly and tighten up the bolt lift, one even sooted the rim of the primer and I called it a day at that point. If the shot is declined with the trigger `set` application, the safety  allows the trigger to be clicked back to normal position. Matt Smith, Forum Moderators What to expect from your Deer Stalking month by month. “Red” The CZ 527 American features a classic American pattern stock, a sporter-weight hammer forged barrel, a single set trigger and a recessed target crown. That concern was removed and my heart started racing when I pulled into the orchards and saw ground squirrels running in every direction! Barrel Length:  24 in. This rifle is chambered for a wide assortment of varmint cartridges, including the.17 Hornet,.22 Hornet,.204 Ruger,.222 Rem. Early this year the opportunity to purchase a CZ in 17 Hornet presented itself at a price I couldn't resist. Eric is a 51 year old die-hard hunter residing in Idaho, who has been hunting since age 13. I thought about the shot again and decided to go even further past where I thought it might be. And if you have a lot of 7.62x39 ammo handy, there’s a Model 527 made for it, too. Where the HMR can kill … I then mounted my scope using the CZ rings for the Model 527. Quick View Dealer Buy. Hornady’s factory ammunition is very accurate, but reloaders can get the cost down to pennies because the cartridge uses very little powder compared to some of the other larger varmint calibers available. Glen R. Shaffer The relative diameter between bullet and case gradually decreases as overall cartridge size and volume diminishes and can cause problems even with `modern` case designs like 223 based rounds so can’t be ignored in any rifle build. CZ 527 Varmint - Turkish Walnut - .17 Hornet : The Varmint retains all of the features that made the 527 famous, from its controlled round feed and claw extractor to its single set trigger and hammer forged barrel. Temporarily Sold Out . The mechanical advantage of any press is huge compared to the force required to deform a case and bullet as tiny as these so almost fingertip pressure was required to maintain a `feel` for the process. John Ryan Recruit Posts: 40 Queensland. At present I have a CZ.17 Hornet which really is a joy to use, highly accurate and more than a match for several of my far more expensive rifles. CZ-USA CZ 457 Lux .17 HMR 24.8 5 Turkish Walnut, Eur $ 527.00 (8) CZ 457 American .22 LR 24.8" Turkish Walnut 5rd 02310 $ 489.00 (5) CZ 457 Varmint MTR .22 LR 20.5" Turkish Walnut (02345) $ 689.00 (0) CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer .22 LR 16.5" Manners (02338) $ 1,001.00 (0) CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer .22 LR 20.5" Manners (02358) $ 990.00 (1) CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer .22 LR … Watch; S V p N o n U 7 s o r Z V e d L K 0 K P. Cz Magazine 527 .22 Hornet 5-rounds Blued 13011. The CZ 527 rifles have therefore already gone through several upgrades. Original CZ Magazine. A scope and factory ammo were supplied with the gun, the 20gr V-Max Superformance ammo advertises 3650 fps and happily ran the gun in while the Bushnell scope was also zeroed. Thanks! Normal trigger 2.5 pounds. Freshly planted trees, with a few leaves and no fruit or nuts, are not very appealing to a ground squirrel. I sat behind the rifle and opened the box of Hornady ammunition. I said, “It must be a sign” and pulled the CZ up to a rest on an old piece of farm equipment. $30.00. This was to be the case later in the day when I was able to make some headshots at 150 and 160 yards with no issues. Because of the extended range of the .17 Hornet caliber, my final sight-in was 0.5” high at 100 yards, which allows me to hold dead-on a ground squirrel at 250 yards and not worry if my yardage estimate is a little off. Shooting these things suppressed is soooooo much fun … The dovetail on all CZ 527s is 16mm. The ejection port is spacious with good access to the chamber; a full length Mauser claw guides the bolt as it slides smoothly after about 20 shots of break-in time. Anyway, moving forward to the match bullet realm, Hannams Reloading supplied me with some of the excellent Berger 25gr match bullets that carry a reputation for perfection in these small 17’s and they did not disappoint me here. Although I loved the cartridge and the Savage rifle proved more than accurate enough for fun shooting, the mechanical design of the bolt and action did lead to a few minor cartridge feed problems and consequent bullet suitability. Some testing / target practise on this CZ hunting rifle For more info read below or visit for video index of all this channels videos. The CZ website lists the following specs for each rifle: CZ Model 527 American: The rifle came fitted with one of Edgar Brothers Bushnell Nitro scopes: the 3-18×56 So it was with some anticipation that I received one of the many 527 models to review. On a single sear design like this it is all very well balancing the trigger to `knife edge` delicacy so it will break like glass, this all comes contrary to safety though as you trade sear engagement for feel. The CZ Model 527 is a very accurate rifle. Added to Your Cart. Just as the last word left his lips, a ground squirrel popped up on top of the tiles and stared at us standing about 100 yards away! I had the stock bed and the barrel cut back to 21 inches then threaded so I can shoot it suppressed. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it felt. With him right there, the shot was a bit stressful, but my shot was dead-on and it blew off the top half of the squirrel! Length of Pull:  13.5 in. CZ Model 527.17 Hornet – 2013 SHOT Show. Caliber: .17 Hornet Condition: GOOD State: Victoria More Details... Total Sports Seymour. Set triggers are a bit of a Marmite option, you either like them or you don’t. Sights: N/A. One rifle in the American model which sports a 21-7/8" lighter weight barrel and one in the Varmint model which of course is a heavier longer barrel at 24". No real reason to fit a brake here as the recoil is minute with bullet splash easily spotted in any visible backstop, if the tiny pill actually kicks up enough of a splash to see? I am tempted to get hold of some 30gr bullets to fully test the versatility of the 1 in 9” twist barrel but like 90% of the recommended powders, they are unavailable everywhere I look! The grip is nicely open in radius so doesn’t cramp the firing hand and reach to trigger when un `set` is about perfect. The powder had shown fantastic flexibility and just the right burn rate to get towards 100% volumetric fill on the case as the pressure started to reach its maximum. Sure enough, he was laying a good 4 feet from the hole where I shot him. Make: CZ. Those 11.1 gr of powder some cheaply and the Riflecraft Hardy moderator does a very good job of suppressing the noise. CZ 527 Lux Bolt Action Walnut, FS, SST Trigger .22 hornet (5274-0201-DFTKABX) C$1,249.99 CZ 512 Semi Auto .22LR Add to … Barrel  - 20” Hammer forged screwcut ½” UNF, Moderator - Riflecraft Hardy GenIV 17 cal, Ammunition:  £95.90/hundred 20gr V-Max Superformance, COUNTY DEER STALKING IS PROUD TO BE SUPPORTED BY. Finish: Blued. For +$250 will mount a new SWFA 10x Super Sniper w/Butler Creek caps and ship it all dialed-in at 100 … I told him “Yes” and that this rifle/ammunition combo was extremely accurate. CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet by Chris Parkin. If you’re into the “old school” look but still want all of the accuracy and performance of modern rifle, then the 527 may be the start of your own CZ collection. Even making sure to wipe down all the nooks and crannies of the bolt face. CZ, or Ceska Zbrojovka, has evolved from what was the Brno Arms company. Added to Your Cart. My concern about the wind was unfounded, which always seems to be the case with the fast .17 calibers. Temporarily Sold Out. $55.49. They were smart to do so. Needless to say the gun shot reasonably well with 1” groups at 100 yards little problem. It isn’t difficult to reassemble either, but be careful to rotate the inner body into correct alignment with the rear shroud to allow the bolt handle to slot in, otherwise frustration might make you force something incorrectly. Stretching things as far out as 300 yards on steel plates was tricky as the `clang` heard is faint but gave fun shooting and wind calling practice at much shorter distances than larger 6/6.5mm centrefires require, with a huge fun factor retained. Ammo will ship direct. Matt Smith, Photography & Videography I originally wanted an American version when I placed my order, but since they were out of stock I agreed to a Varmint version. Hornady introduced their factory .17 Hornady Hornet ammunition at the 2012 SHOT show. SPEC SHEET. Although the wind did not allow for very many long shots, the results I experienced were very positive. As I lined up the crosshairs on his shoulder, I clicked the safety off. It was still windy, but nowhere near what I was experiencing earlier in the day. Barrel: 22” Stock #: UPC: 806703030654. still looks pretty new. Extraction and ejection of fired or live rounds was seamless along with very smooth feed from the magazine. 6.5 Grendel: 5+1: 24in: 13.5in: Blued: Turkish Walnut/ Varmint-Style: Integrated 16mm Scope Base: 7.5lbs: 6.5 Grendel: $689.99 Delivery Method. 17 Hornet: 5+1: 24in: 13.5in: Blued: Turkish Walnut/ Varmint-Style: Integrated 16mm Scope Base: 7.5lbs: 17 Hornet: $689.99 Delivery Method. I was impressed by the damage. Barrel Length:  21.9 in. I hunkered down behind the scope to see if he was going to come out and offer a better shot. Hornady introduced their factory.17 Hornady Hornet ammunition at the 2012 SHOT show. For this reason, when the factory .17 Hornet was announced by Hornady, CZ fans were waiting for word that they would be chambering this cartridge in one of their inherently accurate guns. I sat at this spot for a while, taking out squirrels from 80 yards out to 100+. Caliber: 22 … Free shipping. The first time the sun showed its face a little higher in the sky, I shot off to try the Chrono again and sky screens fitted, I finally measured some speeds. Add to basket . I think the CZ 527's are a sweet shooting little gun off pretty high quality. Because the bullet was held securely vertical and centred throughout the ram’s ascent, I got a 99% record on the 100 loaded rounds I produced. I’m not going to discuss my break-in and sight-in procedures (everyone’s differ slightly), but I wanted to post my best group. It was quiet too which is important to the hunter who wants to close the bolt with the least amount of disturbance. Polymer Magazine for CZ 455, CZ 457 & CZ 512 in .22 WMR / .17 HMR for 10rnd. I will be heading to Arizona soon to shoot some prairie dogs for Part Two of this story, so stay tuned! I had run the rounds in two grain increment ladder tests all the way up to 10 grains but above 9.6gr I got a couple of high pressure moments indicating the charge was on a knife edge and critically intolerant to mediocre charge weight consistency. Just as I found the squirrel in my crosshairs, I told him to plug his ears. Designed to fit the small base calibers perfectly, the CZ 527 is a true micro length Mauser style action and features controlled round feed, a detachable magazine, hammer forged barrel and single set trigger. The 17 Hornet is devastating round on foxes, wild dogs, hares, rabbits etc. He has hunted Varmints in almost every county in California, as well as in Idaho, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and even parts of Canada! After testing the Savage model 25 a few months ago, I was quite intoxicated with the new 17 Hornet cartridge that has been formalised by Hornady from the previously wildcatted 17 Ackley Hornet. Watch; CZ 527 Magazine 204 Ruger 5 Round Md:13007. May 20, 2014 Chris Parkin. Original CZ Magazine. Well it applied here and the gun was addictive to shoot. My first course of action was to thoroughly clean the rifle. One shot was at a ground squirrel that was standing on some orange Spanish tiles he was saving for a roofing project. This was one of the 5 groups I shot. Needless to say if you want to meet factory specifications for the 3650 fps promised in the advertising campaign, you will have no problem but be aware, the LilGun combo was VERY susceptible to sudden overpressure and I backed down significantly for a safer life.